Purchasing Silk Flowers Online

I never saw a worst bunch of cheap junk which arrived today in the box of the "set of three orchid accents" I purchased from you. I shop online because I'm disabled and I'm not about to try to repackage these things nor insure them and pay all that money to get the money back for the so-called orchids themselves.

Made in China is certainly correct! The backwaters of China I'm sure where they paint crudely on cheap materials and glue that was splattered all over the "petals"! You can be sure I will find a place to give a rating of your products and let people know of the shoddy workmanship of your products.

I will do my best to get my name and e-mail off your mailing list and I would appreciate your removing any remaining existence of my information at your web site.


this is an e-mail that I sent to petals. com - the store that sells "silk" flowers, after receiving these so-called soaks in the mail today with pieces all over the place in the box and the horrible workmanship described above. After two weeks of complete silence other than an order confirmation I received the order by regular US mail and when I looked at the return information on my invoice it was strongly suggested that I not only pay the shipping but insure the package. Because of my health issues and not wanting to pay all that money to return the product in the precise is specified manner (the exact same cardboard construction that was very difficult to open, and I'm sure would be very difficult to reconstruct) I trashed the whole thing and let the company know how I felt!



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