Want to Stop Junk Mail (snail mail or paper kind, not on line kind)

Hate the junk mail that fills up your mail box? Tired of every time you order from catalogs, join an organization or apply for a loan - getting a ton MORE junk mail offers from similar companies? I have a suggestion!

I decided to hit these unwanted solicitations where it hurts - in their pocket book! Grab that "postage paid return envelope" and then use the part of the letter with your address on it... the form they include or the top of the letter- just be sure it has your name and address on it, and write in big red or black letters:

                      TAKE ME OFF YOUR DAMN LIST! or some such wording...

 what ever you want to say to make yourself feel better! Put that in their postage paid envelope and send it back to them! :)  They will be forced to pay for that postage once it is used!  And note- regular mail postage is going up soon here in the USA, so it will hurt even more!!

I have done it for a while now, and 1) it makes me feel better and 2) some of my junk mail HAS dropped off!  So there, you unwanted companies (who are also cutting down our trees to make that paper and wasting our precious resources!!)

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