SBC does it again! No outgoing mail via my own domain??
And a "Fix" I hope!

Jan. 11, 2005   Suddenly without warning, late in the day after sending mail out of my mail program in the morning, my outgoing stopped being able to go... I called my domain isp and they said "oh yes, SBC, Cox and others are doing this now, it's becoming quite popular. They are blocking your port 25 from OUT GOING mail via 3rd party isp domains with their own filter!"  I said WHAT?? After years with SBC DSL they, without notice directly to me personally, shut off my ability to send outgoing mail via my own domain isp??? This has got to be illegal!!  (and I think it is or they would not have an OPT Out form!)  And it is under Abuse.... huh?

I set about finding the reason and the fix (pending, if they act on my Opt Out e mail I sent via the SBC website!!).  You go here:  to supposedly learn about it in an article,

but where you want to go is here:

THINK ABOUT IT - SBC suddenly wants to block spam and abuse... on MY outgoing mail??? That means they are calling all their own customers spammers!! I had to FIND and fill out  the request on the SBC web site to Opt out of the port block! I can only hope it works! For now I can get mail (so spam can come in!?) but I can't reply unless I copy the address and body and go on line to my ISP server web mail and send it! Sounds to me like they are trying to FORCE their customers to use the SBC Yahoo servers for e mail (and guess what, those boxes have limits too!) I will NOT let SBC and/or Yahoo into my personal mail! (I never did upgrade to the yahoo part!!)  I do not trust SBC, but am held hostage by the need for DSL service to conduct my on line business product support - which I have no intention of running through a company who is SO UN-user friendly and still outsourcing support, etc.!!

Jan. 12, 2005   I heard nothing so I called SBC DSL tech support and of course got a man in a foreign country. I would not do more than give him my DSL phone number and then I demanded to talk to someone in the USA.... he tried to talk to me, but I got really FIRM and angry and kept demanding to talk to someone here. He said "we don't usually do this, but I will transfer you to "level 2".  Uh huh... right... well folks as I have experienced before, "level 2" IS IN THE USA!! I then talked to someone that could understand me, and HE COULD turn my Port 25 back on! I just had to get him to do that, and then turn my modem off and on again, and then my mail could go out.

I did treat the fellow with consideration, telling him I was very angry with SBC,  not with him - So he knew my anger was directed at the company. When I spoke I was careful to say SBC, not "you".  Then when he fixed both our accounts so we could again SEND mail via our domains, I thanked him in a genuine tone and said I was happy now (after I asked if this fix would STICK! :)  He said it would.  I am glad that I called because if I was not a "squeaky wheel" I would not get the problem fixed!

I do think it is outrageous that SBC would try and force people to use only their own servers  for e mail!!  It makes NO SENSE that they would do this for outgoing mail, either! I am much more secure and able to function with many e mail boxes via my trusted domain host!  *sigh*


Well it's been a while now, and as long as my DSL stays up, I don't "make waves" why it is SLOWER by far since the phone company has expanded so much and gone back to the days of A MONOPOLY .... sheesh! I just watch TV commercials for how SBC has joined AT&T! Well who the heck do you think they all are??? Just all the Bells getting back the way they were! Do they really think we don't see this??? 


Big brother SBC (AT&T out here in California) is really tightening the screws!! Here is the reply I got when I suggested the fix I was able to do (being I got SBC DSL before the Yahoo merger and NEVER installed the Yahoo software!!!! - (to say nothing of the fact the PHONE COMPANY MONOPOLY IS BACK WITH SBC BEING MERGED WITH AT&T AGAIN!!!!!

It's been another while now but I still sit in my little corner of the world and I don't make waves... my service is pretty good and steady...and I still NEVER "upgraded" to SBC Yahoo...and when a friend in Los Angeles county got new SBC DSL he ran into the same problem with e mail, so I suggested my fix... to which my husband said:


I've already done that. Basically they are set up somewhat like AOL.

You are logging on to the net via a Yahoo proxy server. The software on that server will not allow you to connect to another email server for receiving and especially sending your emails. You can only send via SBC's smtp server so then it will only have your SBC Yahoo email address as the return address. They come right out and admit that you are on a proxy server and their server software will not allow any email client software such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora to access their email servers. You MUST use ONLY Microsoft Outlook as your email client. The only way my friend can access the email I set up for him on my domain is by it's webmail.

He can setup Outlook to access his Yahoo email persona and he can send email via Outlook through any Yahoo email persona. But he can't have that same functionality with any other email server. That is because when he is logged on he is going through a Yahoo proxy server and so anything on Yahoo's own intranet is accessible, while anything outside that intranet may not be.


He said his friend is so angry at this, he will drop DSL after the obligatory year contract! I don't blame him!! Guess I am lucky to have SBC DSL before the New McCarthy era!?





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