My Soap Box - Getting a Home Equity Loan

I am glad we got away from Ditech in time... and mad at myself that I did not go to my own Credit Union first... as all is well now... WITHOUT being connected to the nasty rude people at Ditech, who, at least with us - tried a "bait and switch" move for our home equity loan application procedure! They wanted to make an appointment really fast to have us SIGN the documents for the loan BEFORE we got the final numbers from them. When we would NOT do that, that is when the "nice courteous" man we called initially who took our phone loan application became VERY insulting and rude! The lady who was our loan person also was unbelievable rude and nasty!

When we called the first time, the man was so nice, and bragged WE ARE A GMAC company (the general moters company) ! I would think that GMAC would not like to know the little nasty company that they bought out is acting this way toward customers! We did, I admit go to Ditech because they were now a GMAC company, and we have GM cars! What a rude awakening!!

I really should call GMAC and tell them of our experience, but it takes a lot of energy and right now I don't have that much energy to do so. I still may someday. One thing that stops me is the realization that these days big companies DON'T CARE about the "little people"- the little people that made them big in the first place! (

We are intelligent well spoken people who know how things work, and I don't think they liked that at all! If we had signed and made a commitment before we got the final numbers in writing, they could have said "everything is fine, but we need a slightly higher interest rate to do this". We know, we had experienced this sort of thing before in buying homes! We said courteously that we would rather wait, and that is when they got rude to us!

I change the channel on my TV every time I see that sickening company's commercials, because I know, at least with us, they are nice as long as you go "along with the program" that they set out.

Just be sure and know the law when you deal with any finance company, and if you have a good bank or credit union that might be the safer, better way to go!


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