Smokin Hot
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Inspired by and done for Laurie (CWRW) -
who did an even more dramatic image similar to mine.

(Note: I do NOT like any sort of smoking, but for effect,
I liked the smoke. Also note: I "lit" the end of the model
ciggy simply by adding specularity to that texture area.)


I used Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights - Depth cued with AO
I deleted all but the shadow, IBL & rim light, then duplicated
the rim light and rotated them to get this look!

Dusk character:  Rodrigo by CWRW-HiveWire
Hair is included on skin map and shaped by the Dusk hair morph,
and it's texture Displacement settings and tiny bit of post work.

HiveWire Bomber Jacket modeled by Chris & rigged by Paul
Bomber Jacket add on denim texture by CWRW -HiveWire

Shades by Ghostman (HiveWire)

Lit sig prop from Coffee shop set (rendo)

Pose by me (expression using Chris's morph dials)

"Detail Smoke" - Ron's PS Brushes (DAZ)


 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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