Sleepy Place
copyright Lyne's Creations June 2003  All Rights Reserved

SleepyPlace.jpg (191171 bytes)

My new little Skunk has found a perfect place to sleep in the hollow log ( Old Wood
set) from RDNA. Fungi and mushrooms from RDNA too, with Deerpath's Lady Slippers.
The log and all sits on a terrain of the RDNA MicroCosm, with a background
pre-rendered in Vue and composted in photoshop. Tiny bit of brushing on the skunk's
forehead and tail, otherwise no post.  Judith and Traveler do outstanding work!
At one point while learning the MicroCosm I had 5 terrain's in Poser 4 with no
slow down, even with adding all the other items!  I used the RDNA free lights for
the MicroCosm too - very helpful in poser!! Thanks you two for all the free
MicroCosm freebies to augment it's use!

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