Siren's Song
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The plumber left for today...he's not done upstairs...BUT I still have the master bathroom sinks and toilet working so
I can wash my hands and flush...but in the am, the water goes off all day, so 1. he can connect up all the new connections
 and cut off the master bath...AND do all the garage piping! whew! Onward and upward...on the 'home stretch'!
 Should be ALL DONE by end of day tomorrow tho! THEN I MUST STOP typing so much, doing art...
and "rest" my hands/fingers by doing nothing but food prep stuff....and RESTING!

Siren's Song

She's a seductive siren, graceful yet fierce,
Any sailor's heart, she would willingly pierce,
Beware that she'll lure you down in the deep,
Where you will be in for a very long sleep.
~Lyne's Creations                                      

Hive Wire's Dawn SE with the DAZ Lost Realms mer tail/fins.
Her skin is a modified tiger Kitty skin by Rae134 (coming out at HiveWire.
she let me play with the Poser version early, bless her!)
I used the SAV Gravity hair, with Dawn FIT and NHC materials applied. (Rendo)
I love that I can sub-divide the hair (as well as nearly everything in this image),
Dawn's Pose is a modified one from a set for V4: Gravitation by -dragonfly3d- (Rendo)

Dolphin and Butterfly fish, as well as the clown fish are probably from DAZ.
To create even MORE depth, I added the Kelp in the very front which
are LisaB's wonderful creation from her Sea Floor set.
The Anemone is by Traveler from RDNA back in the day...

Background:  "Surreal Sea" by Bloem
I added depth by selecting around the 'foreground' items and blurring the rest.
I used Sveva's Caustic lights jpgs to create a layer of caustics on the background
as well as the plants, fish, etc. The caustics ON the "tiger mermaid", her lion fish,
were done using those lights IN my poser's a challenge to move the main
light around so the caustics hit her face/body in a pleasing way.
The bubbles are from a very old set called: Tears Rain & Bubbles 2  by victoria Davalos,
from Renderosity, probably not available anymore.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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