Shy Contemplation
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Shy Contemplation

A new Gardener came to work this spring,
Unnerved, she shyly sits, contemplating,
His smile could mean a number of things,
So what does she desire it to mean?
~Lyne's Creations                           

Sometimes a piece of art just takes over...and tells me what it wants...
I wanted to use Stephen the Gardner for Dusk for some I brought
him into my poser scene/pose area...and from then on my muse took me on a
wild ride, telling me in quick succession what to put where...and this is the result!

Stephen the Gardner for Dusk by the talented Satira Capriccio. I bought all the sets
for Stephan, and then
Nouvelle Aube for Dawn by Satira joined in!  I did tint Nouvelle's skin
 to go with Stephen's by "eye-droppering" his skin tone- into her Alternate Diffuse white...
I used Satira's Nouvelle dynamic dress with her built in pose- because the pose was
just right for this piece, plus the dress has a very nice addition to make the cloth room
calculating unnecessary!  :)   (all from HW)

I put Satira's Clarette Rose hair "Eton Crop" on both figures! And of course
the HW Cat with Satira's Stephens morph and poses! (HW)

Set in the Nouvelle Aube Studio/grounds, I planted many of LisaB's
wonderful flowers: the Fairy Flower & add on Fairy Flower Garden Textures,
Asiatic Lily with NA's Jungle Heat for Asiatic Lily, and her Crocuses flowers
and for "weeds" I used her Black-Eyed Susans! (HW)

I used a tree from Flink's Tree 8 set (Rendo)

For that special "bring it to life" touch, I added Ken Songbird Remix's
 Sparrows and Eurasian Jay birds as well as his Six-spot Burnet Moth! (HW)

The sky is from Mystic Skies by EllerslieArt (Rendo)

I did add more shadowing later in post work.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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