Summer Country Girl
(Ode To!)

Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2013  All Rights Reserved

Ode to Rendo 

(Renderosity is the 3D community where I shop for Poser things
as well as post my art in my public gallery there, for comments)

Help, help, get me out of here!
I'm spending more and more, I fear,
I mean really I can not help it for,
All of the % off coupons I adore!

I must admit I have 'hit bottom' ever so often,
Then with Render Rewards the blow's softened,
Ergo then I can smile, say "it's not so bad",
I'm getting free gifts so how I can be sad?

But I'd better admit the fix I'm in,
Shopping at Renderosity is my sin,
Because of all the great things,
Each talented merchant brings!

My addiction has just one good reason more,
That I can admit, if I am honest to the core,
Shopping and doing art is a great distraction,
When my syndromes produce painful reactions.

It IS truly an addiction, if we all admit,
It's why we keep going into shopping fits!
And then comes the painful reckoning,
We will never catch up with all the installing!

Oh, and then there is the other bug-a-boo,
We have to USE everything we bought, too!
So round and round we continue to go,
And for all of it, what have we got to show?

Hopefully we've lots and lots of beautiful art,
That we should've been doing from the start,
So I do have to ask, as I complete this poem,
Do you feel your "runtime" is a second home?
~Lyne's Creations