A Pastoral Vue
Copyright Lyne's Creations April '01
All Rights Reserved

pastoralvue.jpg (128447 bytes)

Vue's "default grass terrain" is to die for!!  For a busy person like myself, this is just
too much fun!  Those oh so realistic hills happen "automatically" with the grass material!!!
I kid you not!  :)  I did do a bit of post render, to make the grass in the foreground "stand
up" a bit more.  I select an area, add a bit of "noise" and then motion blur at only 2 or 3
straight up. (photoshop)  I created this lamb model by modifying the adult sheep model.

Most of my Vue images to date use the default settings of the Broadcast render setting.
I go to the single large window, select that setting and render...then I resize a bit to place
the large image here. (I know it is still a bit of a long download time, but I just could not
compress it further, I didn't have the heart! My Front Page tells me this image will take
68 seconds to download... I do apologize for these download times if you have a dial up!)

I offer my "Ready Pose Goat and Sheep Models" at our on line store - Vista Internet Products.
If you would like to go direct to the their store page, and learn all the details, click here.

Want to see how the sheep look in Bryce? Click here.