Settling In - The New Schoolmarm Arrives
Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2002  All Rights Reserved

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Bryce 4 Image with Poser 3 figures because I do not have the patients
to get multi-characters mapped properly in Bryce (like Vicki & Michael)
But I am happy with Phalen's Wild West Hotel bedroom... yes the bed,
table, an lamp come with it.... The Bryce format of the hotel comes as a
Bryce file, with all furniture and maps in place! :)  I used SnowFire Graphic's
flowers and vase. The old woman is from the original zygote people CD, and I
morphed her slacks into a skirt, then did post... The schoolmarm is wearing a
dress from Poser World, and the poser cat is wearing my Travis cat texture! :)
(yes 'schoolmarm' is spelled that way, I looked it up... although I thought it was school marm)

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