Serengeti Afternoon
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The HiveWire's new Big Cat- Leopard at the waterhole! 
I love this cat more than I can say... he is so easy to pose, half the fun is posing every aspect from
whiskers to tongue, to toenails!  Plus with CWRW's textures there is barely any post work needed!!! 
I just post work because I'm a perfectionist... like shadowing the chest more, 'cause he's in the shade', etc.

Cat's poses are by CG Cubed (Paul) at HiveWire...I used his sit upright pose, and dialed in "Yawn", and
I used another of his poses to get me started on posing the cat to 'drink'. His great poses come with the cat!

Water for my new 'waterhole' was created with Flaming Pear's Flood Filter,
splashing water for cat drinking done with Ron's Waterworks brushes....

The Branch was created with Dinoraul's Acacia- but... I rendered the foliage ONLY (set at 'crisp', not quality
in material room) and then rendered the "branches" ONLY - actually the 'trunk/branches' set to crisp...then
reassembled in Photoshop to create the most realistic branch to over-hang the waterhole. 
I used my cast shadow action for it's shadow, but I had to put that shadow UNDER the cat drinking,
as my rendered lighting made him look shadowed anyway, when I rendered him in poser...
 I like the balance better with the branch/shadow too!

I created the background by using the old DAZ Cyclorama's original jpg image (the top half of the background)
and then putting LisaB's Simmering Summer - Sandy jpg image onto Flink's Ultimate ground. I changed the green
grasses on that ground texture to the dead grass coloring in Photoshop...then added LisaB's Tall Grass (color adjusted
in post also), some of Flink's weeds and some old Reed Grass from RDNA warped to match bend in the wind
 showing on the cyclorama's image background... Various blurring for distance. 

DAZ Dragonfly is Noggin's, that I rendered from the top down on it (texture looks best)
then 'ripped the wings off, (I know... "eeeeuuuu"! ) put them on top, reworked head, eyes
and achieve a good looking perched on the ground dragonfly!

Distant Impala and Zebra were from Ilona's 2D African animals from DAZ .

and again, last but never least I added the White Browed Scrub Robin from Ken's Africa bird sets!
I also added the very distant raptors via Ron's Bird brushes.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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