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No, I am not really an "Alien Cheetah Lady" from the planet "Kai's Power Goo", but it
was fun to morph myself there!  For a real portrait photo see the bottom of this page.

As for who I "really" am, I am a fantasy/Sci Fi artist, who has glommed onto
computer graphics as a means to augment my creativity. I have come a long way from
shaded pencil drawings of horses to illustrate the stories I wrote as a 10 year old.
[click here for my art history] Today I do all my creative endeavors exclusively on

my PC "super computers". [click here for the specs] I use various programs
[click here for a list of programs I use] to create 3d models & art images. I am still

learning more every day, and I enjoy communicating with friends over the net to
discuss art ideas, programs and techniques, as well as other interests.
[click here for a little more about me]

For a page & picture that explains in layman's terms just what computer graphic art is,
& what 3D models ARE,  click here!

My Art History

It was my love of horses that got me started drawing as a child. I could not have a
real horse back then, so I wrote stories of young girls with horses. I illustrated those
stories with shaded pencil drawings. Later in life, I learned (self taught) how to do
horse portraits in ink, pastels, and oils. I did horse portraits commercially for a while,
along with horse photography, all free lance.  Still later I was privileged to own real
horses for a few years.  See a photo portrait of my sweet Arabian mare and foal here.

My love of horses and fantasy lead me into the fantasy art subjects - Centaurs, Mermaids,
Dragons, as well as Carousel horses and animals. I sold my creations on stationery,
notes, and in original coloring books, commercially, for years. When the profits no longer
outweighed the expenses of the business, I gave it up. That turned out to be a real positive
for me, because I could now devote all my energies to learning to work with more advanced
computer systems, and graphic arts programs. My goal was to be able to enhance and expand
on my 2D art images. Computers had opened up a whole new world for me, allowing me to
expand into Sci Fi art, as well as innovative new styles of "still life" art. 

Much to my delight, my art can be found on many web sites, and in many on line galleries
throughout the world. Some of my images have the honor of being in the Select Gallery -
of Bruce MacLeod's Bryce Gallery. I have had several images chosen to grace the covers
of on line Sci Fi magazines. In 1998, I was interviewed by PixArt on line magazine for
their section on "Digital Women" - I am proud to be a part of this ever growing community
of women artists. It has been a male dominated area for too long. See my Favorites Links
section for links to Bruce's Gallery, and PixArt magazine. Update: I feel like I have "arrived",
finally having so many visitors to my web site, that I found I needed the additional bandwidth
and space provided by getting a "domain name". My art has gone by Lyne's Creations for
more than 20 years, and it is a thrill to have a presence on the world wide web as !  



My Computers

I started out with an early Radio Shack Tandy PC clone, upgrading over the years as
the technology and my skills improved. I now have two computers.  (Yes, I am lucky -
my husband builds computers! He knows hardware and how software works with it,
like the back of his hand.) I have upgraded over the years too many times to count.



Built for me by a knowledgeable person! :)

win7 Pro 64 bit

CPU: Intel i7 4820 quad 3.7Ghz on a LGA 2011 socket

Motherboard: MSI Intel i7 4820k lg 2011 3.7 gh 10 mb cache last of quad "military grade" :)

SSD (solid state drive) 500 GB is the flash ram drive:  Samsung

Harddrive: Western Digital Performance 1TB drive SATA 6 gb/sec

Video: MSI GTX 760 nvidia chipset with 4 gigs on board

RAM Patriot DDR3 2133 x 2 kits of 4 Matched SIMMs of 8GB each for a total of 64 GB of system RAM.

Power Supply Certified: Corsair 750 watt Gold Certified

Case: Corsair 760T is an oversized case for venting with swingout access side panels and 3 oversized fans.

Asus and LG 24 x cd/DVD drives


Programs I use

I started out in the early days, using the tiny windows 3.1's paint program, coloring in
line art with that awful 16 colors. I graduated to PC Paintbrush and simple gradients,
that I was thrilled with at the time! My how times have changed! (but all that practice
with those programs gave me a real base to work up from) I worked my way up from
Corel PhotoPaint 7 Plus to Photoshop for painting and touch ups, and special effects.

I did take an intensive summer class at a local college to learn the basics of Photoshop.
It was one of the best summers I ever had, a super teacher and good friends. Everything
I did/do from that time in art teaches me still more about this fantastic program!

Ray Dream had become indispensable for making "morphs" of my Poser models. Never
thought I would be 'manipulating meshes'! It is hard work, but great fun!
NOTE: At this
point in time, my "patched" and "updated"  Poser 3 & Ray Dream Studio 5 "speak"
to one another perfectly for all the necessary interaction for creating poser "morphs".

Oh my gosh is that (above) from a long time ago...I was on Poser 9, which
is still painfully a 32 bit program...and finally got Poser 2014!  Yay!

Bryce and Ray Dream are long long gone, but I am using Carrara 8 Pro
 for photo-real 3D landscapes... Slowly learning this with Howie's preset scenes.

Back when health kept me from modeling anymore, I got into creating new unique
ways to present my 3D art - QuickTime Panoramas! I do this with Vue5 Infinite,
and my MAC driven program ArtMatic Voyager!


More About Me

You can tell a lot about me from my favorite links page... I love cats (am owned by Nickie
an indoor, over protected, and spoiled boy!) whales, dolphins and wolves. I am a
Trekkie, complete with Star Trek Action Figure DOLL HOUSES that I built myself.
I also loved Babylon 5 (oh-oh! they have action figures, too!) and a lot of other Sci Fi
shows.  I collect fantasy statues, art and trading cards of (entirely too much!) Trek, B5,
Superman, Dragons, Carousels, horses, and cats.  My husband and I both enjoy football,
Science Fiction, the outdoors (especially the ocean), and obviously computers!  Note:

collecting has taken a back seat to all my time and efforts these days, as I have learned
(and always learning more, improving), the creations of my own 3D models for Poser, Vue
Bryce and other "scene creator software" programs.  I finally have the career I love!

LynePortrait403d.jpg (84062 bytes)
(past) Present Day me along with one of the pastel horse portraits I did over 40 years ago.

a more recent photo of me taken in a "happy moment" in life, sometime in 2009 I think

A little older, a little grayer and if I am honest, which I am - TOO honest,
I am "allergic" to mascara, so the only touch up was to add the nice eyelash
make up I used to wear before my health went SO wonky....ah aging...not fun!

For a Photo of me and my kids ~ click here! :)

My experience living with the "silent syndromes" - chronic, painful health issues 
that happen inside your body - hidden from view... Do you have FM, CFS, IBS,
 and/or perpetual menopause symptoms? Ready my story, & perhaps benefit from
 the research I have gathered I face these challenges that I am STILL and
always trying to rise to, and conquer!

The Psychology of My Life ~ Some biographical stories of my life

The Other part of who I am... the story of my Spiritual Journey

I'm still another part about me: My Dream Journal

Comments? Questions?
Note: all the e mail links on this site are "fake". I did this because of the heavy use of "spam bots".
If anyone wants to contact me, they can via the Instant Messages at Renderosity or HiveWire3D Community IM's

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