I'm Seeing Spots!
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Dawn SE (morph) with Maelwenn's Elisa (HW) skin
I added some of the appy spots to her arms mapping.

3D-Age's Frilly Summer top with renapd's material texture.

Fabiana's Alanis hair (with fit for Dawn) (Rendo)

HiveWire horse - body. CWRW's new appaloosa coats for the HiveWire horse (HW)
How Laurie was able to get those beautiful striped appy hooves is a wonder! She is pure talent!

Pose for both Dawn and horse body by me. Note: I always subdivide the mane
and tail as well as the horse before rendering, it makes a nice difference!

HiveWire's Big Dog with an upcoming new dog coat color by Flint_Hawk
I dialed a new body shape for the dog with existing dials, plus Sparkey's dials add on.
Dog's pose is one of
Pommerlis's very well done "Strut poses" for the dog (HW)

HiveWire's Ken's Blue Jays and California Quail - male and female.
Quail babies are created from a photo.

Background was created using the Autumn Path by ShaaraMuse3D (Rendo)
It's easy to 'blow out' the texture on the white birch tree trunks/limbs, so
I had to do one render with those lit differently than their leaves. I did a
lot more work pasting many many leaf groups over bare limbs that rather
spider webbed their way around the upper parts of the trees.  Also, I did a
LOT of re-texturing on the ground parts, plus fixing an odd shadow around
the birch tree leaf groups. There was a forest pine needle ground map under the
fall birch trees on one of the ground/tree objects, so I had to borrow the fall leaf
jpg of the rock object and re-map the ground under those trees. Entirely too much
work to use this set in Poser again! At least, I did create a very large background with
some foreground elements for use in future projects. Normally I like this merchant's
products, and probably will continue to buy them, but this one was a bear to
work with, in poser. I'm just glad I know my way around the material room!

Noggin's Butterflies

PhotoGG's sky/cloud background (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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