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Debra Ross's original Caribou poser model started something!  Steve at Poser World
created this fantastic sleigh for the caribou/reindeer!  My Poser-Photoshop image
"sprang" from the creative efforts of these two talented people!  I used a Corel stock
photo for the background, after a Poser3 render. "Santa" is the "overweight man"
of Zygote's  People collection CD .  I used a straight plain hair prop, and painted
on the beard. I also selected the man's bare arms and using Photoshop's Hue &
Saturation, (colorize) added the "sleeves" of his long underwear shirt, to keep
him warm! Debra's caribou model has a few morphs I made for it, with her
permission. Thank you, Debra, Steve, and of course Zygote folks!
My husband suggested that the reason there is only one reindeer, and Santa is
in his shirt sleeves, is that Mrs. Claus has sent Santa for groceries this day of
December 23rd.!
Thank you, Michelle from Bryce Forum Chat for my new title!

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