Western Saddle - Character Prop
saddlenblanketweb.jpg (57078 bytes)

Scott Ayers was kind enough to allow me to re-work his western saddle
mesh, and map it.                                                                            
The zip is larger, containing a pz3 to load the saddle and blanket, a cr2 file,
and the saddle geometries file, as well as maps for the saddle & blanket.
Please see below for "suggested use" and other notes!  :)
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My inspiration for seeking a "real" western saddle came from Steve's fantastic
Western Cowboy clothing set - available at Poser World! I am soooo happy with
my new membership-subscription!!  Above you can see I used the saddle with my
freebie "leopard appaloosa" horse texture!
     Available at:
planit3d180.jpg (17127 bytes)
Click ON the thumbnail to go to it's download page!

Please note: the saddle
and blanket do not fit the poser horse exactly, and will take a little work to place
them for the best look, after you pose the horse. I also placed Charger's bridle
on this horse, until I can find a true western bridle....

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