Moose in the Morning

rpdsnowmoose.jpg (125541 bytes)

Thanks to "Nerd" for this new quickie way to play with Poser!
Charles Taylor   created this new Poser Backdrop Tool set!  Rena
created some new freebie backdrop images, found her free area
of Poser World, and they are fantastic! Her set comes with lights,
and this particular lighting created realistic shadows of my moose
for me! Thanks Rena!!! I did do some post for the repeating areas
of snow pattern, and I think I should have sharpened those soft areas-
but it rather looks like there are  wet spots on the "lens of my camera"
that I used to get this shot of the moose! :)  I rendered the moose with
the background in Poser 4, then I deleted the backdrop, and rendered
the moose alone, so that I could paste them on top on another layer
and do my "fur brushing" to make them look nice and shaggy.

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