Road Race
Taking Baby For A Ride
Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my Brother, who loves cars and knows just about everything about them.
He gave me this idea after seeing my last piece of art with these figures, and my showing
him the gorgeous model Porsche on it's store page....

The HiveWire Big Cat as a Black Panther, with upcoming jeweled cat collar by PhotoGG!
I used the whole body BULK morph on the cat and the collar as well!
(currently in testing- collar will have many looks, including studs, spikes, leathers, etc.!)

Dawn as "Elisa"
Elisa skin by Maelwenn from HiveWire, with Alanis hair by Fabiana (Rendo)
She wears 3D Age's Hot Girl III blouse with material by Romantic 3D (Rendo)
I fit the blouse with the help of Lyrra's Fit Room Helper to retain the details of the blouse!

Her jewelry is from LeafLife2 for Dawn by Fabiana! I also could apply her other rings via the
poses she has to move and parent them to any finger on either hand! Works like magic!

I bought the fabulous Porsche at Renderosity:
POR.911 Turbo Sports Car (model 993) by Mysthero - is an outstanding model set in all ways!
It comes with many colors and poses for M4 & V4 (that I easily applied to Dawn!)
The model itself is of the highest caliber. It's easy to use and is now my favorite car now!!
It was a challenge to learn and apply the look of a fast moving car from a static render.
I looked at "Porsche going fast" on Google, and had my brother helping me.   :)  I just
selected the car's tires and rims to "radial blur" via Photoshop, while keeping a copy of
the brake shoes sharp- because of course they do not spin! The road needed a "motion blur" too!

The road is a piece from Traveler's Props club a long time ago, married to a render I did in
Carrara of Howie Farke's Forest Road. I added a couple of Songbird Remix - Ken's
Stellar's Jay birds racing alongside!

Lighting is a variation of Fabiana's Mild Boreal Light Set (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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