She Loves her Rings!
Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

This piece started out just to show a friend how EASY it is to use the earrings and rings for V4 on Dawn!
and because I LOVE Fabi and Lu's work SO much, I had to get their latest!  You'd think this was an advertisement
for these sets... LOL!! I love their new materials with the rings especially!!!

Dawn Special Edition - sss med skin, but with Fabi's Oriana's nails
Fabiana's KirieT hair
Fabiana and Lucila's new earrings and ring sets
with one ring set as a pendent on Fabi's ribbon necklace -
(exported as an obj, re-imported to free up to size and place on Dawn's neck)
BadKittyCo's Shimmery Dress for Dawn (no longer sold at RDNA)

One of the Beautiful Gothic Background by Sveva (can't say which set, she's changed them all around)
modified by me (with 3rd lantern painstakingly cut out and pasted to balance image)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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