Return To Atlantis
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Title is inspired by the Background set by Sveva. I'm still having trouble
with anxiety and's odd, I keep doing art, but I'm having trouble
feeling excited or accomplished by the pieces I'm creating. I hope to find my way
out of this aging and health caused depression... I keep going with both my art and
my favorite TV shows and trying to "act as though", so maybe someday I will feel better!

HiveWire's Dawn SE (with EZskin extra sss added) for both figures
SAV's 0-Gravity Hair for both (Rendo)

Mermaid and sea horse use the older Lost Realms tails/fins
Sea horse is the HiveWire horse and Arabian breed/coat by CWRW

Diver Dawn wears the V4 Diving Gear (with Vickie flippers)
all diving gear is PLACED and parented to Dawn
Dawn's String Bikini


LisaB's kelp (caustics added in post) (HW)

Traveler's Sea Anemones (RDNA-closed)

~both changed in hue, and caustics added~

Dolphins & Fish from DAZ

Background from Sveva's Return to Atlantis (bonus jpg, with shells removed)
Extra Caustics added, plus patslashe's Light Rays from Do You See The Light? (Rendo)

as always: Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights
Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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