Rescue Attempt
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This all started because I adore the peacock material made for the
Nymph suit by Varnayrah!  Then I had the idea of putting Ken's
new Dragonfly wings on her...and it went from there! :)

Happy New Year everyone!

DAWN SE (right out of the box, no changes, except to match
her fingernails)

OOT's Una hair for V4 (no longer sold I believe, last seen
at DAZ, maybe because it was Poser only!?)

Dynamics 12 for Dawn - Nymph Suit by Lully
Spirits for Nymph Suit by Varnayrah
by the way, I love LOVE LOVE dynamic clothes now that I have learned so much...
for example on my recent Nymph 'skirt' I constrained the part on the "top"
(or right) hip so it WOULDN'T fall too far down with her pose... was very pleased
with the results. I often change or add to, or subtract from Lully's constrained parts.  :)

Angel Poses for DAWN from RDNA before it closed.

Ken Gilliland's Damselfly & Frog  (Ken has outdone himself
in creating these NEW high-end versions of these critters!)

BG photo - public domain

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop


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