Secret Rendezvous
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Secret Rendezvous

They had to plan secret rendezvous,
Because in this climate they knew,
It was quite simply out of their hands,
Since they were from long opposing clans,

Their narrow minded leaders would misconstrue,
Quite simply prohibiting their love to ensue,
Unable to see it as a boon for their lands,
Frowning fatally on any future plans.

So once again, they met to discuss taking a stand,
Barring that, to consider traveling to the borderlands,
Yearning to live freely and start their life anew,
Because they were tired of secret rendezvous.
~Lyne's Creations                                            


Dusk as Rodrigo by CWRW and Dawn as Skyla by Vex3d (HW)
His hair is brushed out hair that comes with/on Rodrigo
Dawn Pose by Halcyone and Dusk pose by me

Dusk wears the cross-dressed Xerge's Ranger for M4
I had to do a lot of post to fix the (cross-dressed) broken collar
(collar broke every time I moved his head or neck) and to fix up
or try to disguise the shoulder stretching of the tunic leather.

Dawn wears Karanta's Dynamic Medieval Gown by Karanta with one of
Atenais's Delicate Meshes materials (Rendo)
I rendered two material versions of the skirt, and simply erased part
of the base material to get the front 'panel' of lace.
The belt I added is from Aura Shari's Avenger outfit (HW) with
"scales" Oriental material by parrottdolphin (Rendo)
Her shoes are "Flats for Dawn" by nikisatez (Rendo-clearence: Hurry!)
Her Hair is OOT's "Spring Bride Hair" (Rendo)
Necklace & Earrings are Sylvi Jewels for Dawn by jancory (Rendo)

Ken Gilliland's Faithful Beauty Moths, and Lizard

Background is from Sveva's "Unbroken Silence" set (Rendo)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights & Photoshop


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