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AC/HEATING - The BEST Company!

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2  1/2 years after I had a new forced air heater and AC installed,
 I not only continued to have problems, but this Spring (2014) my
AC just would not cool... and I found out just HOW badly I had been
ripped off (even worse than I knew at the time) by a clearing house
for repair men, called ACE Contractors - STAY AWAY from them!! 

With my fragile lungs and other health problems I had been tricked into giving
away a lot of my money to actually make things WORSE for my health.

I called ACTION AIR - based in San Marcos, that was recommended by
the manufacturer of my AC.  Calling the office for the first time, I was
greeted by kind, warm and caring staff.

Alicia's greeting of "How can we make you
 more comfortable" was a wonderful one!  

Next "Jake" came out to test my AC and found it was down 3 lbs
of coolant! (my ac had never leaked in 20 years, until the "install" 2 1/2 years ago!)
  Jake was informative and kind. I told him to fill the coolant back up and I
said go ahead and make an appointment for an assessment of my situation.

All the office staff (forgive my memory, I'd like to name all the ladies) that I
spoke with, were very professional, as well as being kind in our communications!

I got a call to set up an appointment with "Greg" to talk about my situation.
During that conversation I was floored when I realized I was talking to
the OWNER - Greg Gill - of Action Air!

He is amazing in how MUCH he cares! 
He was furious on learning that I had paid an extra $3000 over
 the cost of the new heater and AC!  He was very kind and knowledgeable
and gave me as much time as I needed to understand my situation and what
options I had.....I knew my duct work (supposedly upgraded) had been leaking
cool air into my attic space... I was paying to cool my attic instead of my home! 

Next Steven Gill (yes it's a family company!) come out to give me an estimate.
Steven said he expected to see something fantastic like a Star Trek lab
up there... instead he explained how my money had gone for short bits of the
wrong size duct work "sleeves" and cold air was rushing out of so many places...
I nearly came to tears for how badly I had been "taken" by the previous jerks! 

And next in the process, came Chris (the "field supervisor"!!) and his team of
great guys to do the "demo" and the rebuilding of my duct system.  All of these
men were kind, answered any questions I had along the way. They respected my
health needs using booties, masks, laying tarps over every part of my floor, hanging
plastic "draping" to keep the dust and dirt from my ceiling attic entrance all
contained!  Chris always listened so carefully and paid a great attention to details!

 I could see Greg Gill's compassionate and knowledgeable care for his
chosen field of home heating and cooling ran through ALL his employees!
I felt safe, respected and cared for throughout the entire "demo" and rebuilding
of my attic duct system.  With my fragile lungs and other health problems it was
critical that the work and the result be done to the highest standards, and every
single workman cannot be praised enough!

For the $3000 I paid, THIS TIME, I got even more than I ever expected!  The
guys went "above and beyond" in every way...from the little thing of my thermostat
never being connected to the electric wire behind it (making the battery what it was
supposed to be: just a "back up") to the BIG work of bringing my system UP TO CODE!

I now have three ways to make sure the condensation water from the cooling coils can
run off properly and even shut down my system if it gets clogged) to brand new duct
work all over... as well as STERILIZING and SEALING the two long ducts that can't be
replaced, (those run to the downstairs rooms)!  I now have a 3 tiered filtering system that
is giving me "hospital grade air" now!  NOW it IS like "Star Trek" - clean and orderly
up in my attic!  AND they found the coolant leak- a careless connection of the outdoor AC
unit to the line coming into the house!  Stupid little (and huge) mistakes made by a
real jerk from the  previous company were remedied.

Also a special Thank You to Mike of Glynn Roofing, a fellow who works with Action Air
to install larger heater vents (again to be to code and help my heater to last longer!).

Sept. 2014 Update
Because of the shoddy work done by the previous company I had hired to put in a new AC,
Heater and cooling coils (and making a royal mess of the duct work) - my AC system developed
a slow leak... and while Chris had hoped that he found it last April, by late August/early Sept. my
AC was unable to keep cooling properly. So I called and had a cheerful tech: Bill Smith, come out, 
first on an emergency call to get the AC charged up and my house sooo comfortable once again,
and then right after the Labor Day holiday. Bill Smith was just as considerate and careful of my health
issues as all Action Air's employees have been!  He came out early in the am and went over the coolant
system with "a fine tooth comb"... (he even took the AC unit itself apart, as well as the box
the cooling coils are in, up in the attic) He couldn't isolate the leak, so he put in some "auto-leak fixing
stuff" that he described as "like in the olden days when you put stuff IN a tire, that plugs the leak
from the inside"!  My other choice was to cut lines, isolate various parts of the system and see which
area is leaking.... But because of my delicate health, I chose to just be more watchful of how well it
is cooling the house- and if I have to have it re-charged each summer, then so be it. There is no
way to tell how well today's "fix" will work for me until I use the AC for another couple of months.
Who knows with this new oddball kind of weather how long it will stay warm... but it is what it is.
Bill worked very hard doing the very best he could, leaving all the lines and parts and coverings
in even better shape than when he first came, with great attention to details!   :)

I am still VERY HAPPY with Action Air and all the folks who work in this company!!

ACTION AIR is now in my "family" of MOST TRUSTED companies that can
help me take care of me!!  Take a look at their website...they have awards and
honors up the wazoo!  :) ... and every single one is WELL DESERVED!!!

September 2016 news

It was this fall that my 'old' (read: badly installed AC unit, put in by a
previous company that has been the bane of my existence since then) unit
finally gave up the ghost- ie: the leaking tubing feeding it's coils was gushing
oily Freon, and the compressor died.... This happened during a heat wave, and
when I was just out of oral surgery for the removal of all my teeth! I was in agony!
It was also at the "worst" time of the year for having workmen in and around my
home... ie: the beginning of cold and flu season.  My stress was terrible from that
reality and the pain I was in.  I called on Action Air and they very quickly ordered
a new, but compatible brand, of AC unit, and set up the soonest install date possible 
(just 2 days hence) to have their technician Travis install it.  This company's employees are
not "just" employees- to me they ARE family - people who understand my difficult health
 needs, who work with and for me, are always kind and compassionate toward me, even
when I'm "loosing it" from pain, heat, and fears of illness on top of all that's going on....

Travis worked so hard for hours, calling on other men to help get the new huge energy-
efficient AC put in place- on a NEW level platform (the previous company had not even
leveled the platform that was there, and this also contributed to the unit failing!), as well
as a new higher capacity "breaker" thing to carry the different electricity load!

It was also Travis who came back out to perform the "air leakage/pressure test" required
 by the state of California.  This took 4 hours- each room's vent had to have the grill
work cover removed, and calking put into every seam. Then the grill was replaced and taped
over to prevent any air from coming out.  Lastly the air intake was sealed, just leaving an opening
 to attach a short bit of ducting with an air fan on one end. Then probes were put in/on to take 
the measurements. The air leakage was/is WELL BELOW the top limit for the allowed amount.

Travis also had to sit with the AC unit itself, to take down it's measurements of pressures, etc.
He carefully filled out all the complex forms.  Then Christina, Action Air's Permit person, put
 me in a 'pool' so that one of Action Air's guys could do this test so I would not have to have some
  stranger from a third party company from the state come in (read: invade my home) to do this testing.
My guys know that they not only need to be healthy but their families need to be healthy, so that they are
not bringing ANY germs into my home.  Just another level of Action Air's care that makes me feel so safe!!

Lastly on that day, when I spoke to Travis about my problems cooling the downstairs, he got back
up on a ladder and with pliers, opened up the restrictive vanes of my vent's grill work... Suddenly
the room could truly cool down and the whole house felt SO MUCH BETTER... so much air - talk
 about a "breath of fresh air" provided to me by this outstanding, detail oriented, caring company!!

Next spring I will have some more filtration parts changed out, and my attic coils checked over to see if
they need replacing too. (those would be the last vestige of my previous nasty company's handiwork).

And oh! Just today, my city's building inspector came out to finalize the permit required - and he was
well aware of Action Air's quality work- it was like "if they did it, this is going to be a perfect installation!"
He passed my AC quickly, signed my paperwork, and now, it's ALL DONE!  I can breath easy for more
than one reason as I go into the winter months... I'm also more knowledgeable - I always follow my workers
around, ask questions and learn more about how things work. They do not mind me doing that at all!  :-)


I also want to recommend "my" Garage Door repair Company
that I have used several times...
The first to have the big "spring" that helps to roll up my overhead
garage  door up, getting a lifetime warranty. The second time was a "duh"
trip out, when I accidentally knocked the electric eye out of alignment. The
Service guy was really kind, laughed WITH me, and did not charge for the
tiny adjustment. (and taught me to look at the red light on it; if it's blinking
it's out of alignment! :) 

But today, June 11th. 2014, I want to especially praise my tech "Larry",
who came out to check on my noisy door and recommended I get a new
engine and track (which includes new openers, and a wall switch that is
so cool, it's like Star Trek in my garage! I mean the door is now WHISPER
QUIET and the light in it is DIGITAL...and the engine even slows down as
the door nears either the floor, or as it nears it's fully open position!! How
cool is that?  I opted for the Lifetime (more heavy duty) warranted engine
for peace of mind. Larry was cheerful, informative, kind and very skilled!

If you need a garage door repair, I REALLY recommend:
Precision Overhead Garage Door Service!!!
You might have to hold on the phone when you call, listening to their song,
and other courteous messages about how your important your call is to them,
But it's WORTH IT, to have this company schedule your garage door help!


 ACE HAULING    Spring of 2007
A family owned company that goes above & beyond quality customer care!
  I recently had to have my patio-back yard cleaned out from a very cold winter.
 Some of the side bushes were frozen half way down and some were entirely dead.
Not only did the three man crew work fast, with chain saws, rakes, brooms, etc. but
they paid careful attention to just what I wanted done - so now I have a patio yard
I can enjoy without fear for my allergy lung problems!  I of course had to pay the
dump fees as well as the labor, but I will not hesitate to call them again, if I need
any further help! They even trimmed off the neighbor's vines that hung over my
back fence!  :))  Here is a couple of phone - camera shots of before and after!

UPDATE: I have had this company come out twice more for heavy duty removal of more of my
 plants/bushes that never came back, which saves me watering/work.  They even trimmed  some
of my plants back that were hanging over my walkway to my front door - all with great care! :)
They are so fast, so careful and so clean, worth EVERY PENNY!   I am glad I have folks I
can count on, feel so comfortable with and TRUST for quality and quick response times!
 Oh! and:
 I just found out they will take "dead" TV's and monitors!! Bet I will be calling on them again! :)


Here is a letter of recommendation I have given to my fantastic construction company-
actually the "restoration" division after a guy in a Lexus drove his car into my Garage,
which is (fortunately) the front of my home... here in North County, San Diego, CA.
In a world where there are too many disreputable companies it is worth a big
"shout out" to and for an exceptional company or two!  As you read my letter,
you will learn more of the freaky thing that happened and my "silver lining" from it!

The Home Improvement Co.
215 So. Pacific St.
Suite 106
San Marcos, CA 92069
Restoration Division
Toll Free (800) 487-1095

UPDATE: NOW CALLED ESN RESTORATION SERVICES! In the summer of 2013, I had this company repair stucco, and paint the entire outside of my home, bringing my 20 year old home back to "new"! I can't praise this company HIGHLY ENOUGH for the kind, considerate, QUALITY work they do!!

November 21, 2006

I am happy to “put it in writing” - how well your company has worked with and for me after a car crashed into my Garage on October 24th. Jessica Lape from our Farmers Insurance came out with Mark Padraza, your estimator to evaluate the damage. Both of them worked very fast to asses and get the ball rolling on my claim. I was impressed with Mark Padraza from the start, and as it worked out, I could not be happier that I chose to enter into a contract with your company for the restoration of my Garage (that is attached to my home).

I had a good feeling and that was soon proved out with the conversations and fast coordination of work with the Project Manager Dawn Nelson (the sweetest, nicest, easiest person to work with) and David Gomez, (a very likeable and caring Construction Project Manager) along with Derrick and Alex. The entire staff from top to bottom took my health issues very seriously and worked within the limits I had to set to protect my lung condition and other health problems. Everyone made the whole process as easy as possible for me with schedules and communications, AND did a beautiful job that only took from Nov. 8th to Nov. 20th to complete. I did get a “crash course” in things like: “scratch and brown” (the cement that goes over the wire and paper that hangs on the wooden framing!) and the “stucco” (which dries in 15 minutes but has to wait for the scratch and brown to “cure” properly. The masking off, and the cleaning up of materials that would be hazardous to my health was meticulous and the respect shown to me by all was just short of amazing!

We are all human and just so this does not sound like it is all “too good to be true” there were a couple of mis-communications and one teeny little pile of powdery dust in the garage on one day that my husband had to sweep up for me, (for which there were understandable reasons) but those were such small things compared to the high quality off attention to detail and care my home and my health issues were given!!

One often hears of all the really horrific experiences with contractors, and with insurance companies, but I am the lucky one! I would not hesitate to recommend and use again (although of course I do not want any one driving into my house again!) - Jessica from Farmers and all the wonderful caring folks at the Home Improvement Co. of San Marcos, CA. ! I just cannot speak highly enough of them, and the work they do!


Lyne Masamitsu


So if you are in the North County San Diego Area, be sure to consider the Home Improvement Co. if you have any restorations or reconstruction needs! And even if you don’t live out in the “North County” of San Diego CA, give them a call in case you are within their range! :)


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