Raven - The Man
Lyne's Creations Copyright December 2004  All Rights Reserved


This is my first real Poser 5 render - Production Firefly with Ray Tracing! RDNA P5 hair, Daio's Raven texture for M3, with her Raven Expression. (although in my learning about eyes, I am not sure I used the eyes that came with Raven, but these are similar). Linda White's Ug background brought right INTO Poser 5, (after I made it the right size to keep my close up) so the hair would render nicely over it. While learning about eye parts, materials etc.. I actually grayed down the cornea eye white in Poser materials, it was just too unreal to be so bright, and I turned that part of the shiny highlight waaay down. The post I did was to just put the tiniest bit of shadow just below the eyelid, on the eye white to give more depth.. Not sure if this will be needed all the time, because lights are really something I need to understand better (whether in P4 or 5!) The lights I like best are some I modified that came with my Time Prisoners set! What impresses me the most so far is that Ray Tracing seems to bring out the skin texture the very best. Most other parts look just the same to me no matter what render settings I use. It's the skin that looks most like what the artist wanted it to! P4 cannot do that! I had no bump that I know of, never even looked at the settings... Raven is pretty much out of the box! (Poser Pros). I did post the hair right at the hair line/face...but I learned that using the firefly AND the Ray Trace makes P5 hair strands look the best! Lots more to learn, but I do know P5 LOVES my 64 bit machine!!! I do not mind waiting for the full production render as a "test" on this machine! Sorry I went on and on, this is fun learning! :)

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