Quick Fur technique
Using photoshop or equivalent

brushtut.jpg (171116 bytes)

In Photoshop 5 or equivalent, open a poser render of your critter, load the selection,
copy, and paste to place it on it's own layer. Select the background layer, select All,
and cut to leave a white background layer. (there are two copies of the rabbits here
to show the before and after)  Using the tool indicated, set at the pressure indicated,
brush in short strokes from dark to light! That's it! Save often when you get the
effect you like in case you get carried away and brush too much! :)

Rabbits used in this tutorial  are my new Dutch rabbit models.

Bryce hint: render your scene with the animal in it, then select just the animal and
do a "mask render".  Then take the final scene and the mask render image into a paint
program, select the white area of the mask render, and drag the selection into your scene,
placing it around your animal. Copy the animal, and paste, so it is on it's own layer! Now
you can brush without effecting the background scene!

Vue hint: Render your scene.  Then select just one animal, and set the render options to
render only the selected object. Render. This will give you a render of only the animal,
which is then easy to cut out and paste over the original in your scene, on it's own layer-
ready to brush out!  OR as I did my "Critter Garden" - render the vue scene, and then
drag the brushed out rabbits and other animals onto your background... use a "Cast
Shadow" filter to place them in the scene. Another way to make quick shadows to set
the animal into the background is to simply burn or darken the ground "under" the
animal's layer.  Click thumbnail to see Critter Garden where I employed these effects.     
crittergarden2.jpg (12636 bytes)