The Pure Beauty of Dawn
Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

HiveWire's Dawn Special Edition (character and texture for Dawn SR2)
Her body shape - everything about it - is Chris's talent right down to
the change-able shape of her belly button!  I love her many dials!  :)

I also added I13's 'real details for Dawn' for the bones in her hands. (Rendo)

Dawn's Bikini (that she comes with)

OOT's Sapphire Hair (DAZ)

Pose by Island Girl's Breaking Dawn 2

Photo background is: Mediterranean Beach Vistas by ShaaraMuse3D,  HolyWonderWorld
But I replaced it's sky with PhotoGG's Cathedral Skies sold at HiveWire

Songbird Remix Ken's Western Gulls add the finishing touch.

 Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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