Proud of the Little Things

 Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2013  All Rights Reserved

This little girl started out as a modern young woman, but as I worked with her, she
insisted in showing her "elvish" her ears give a hint, as well  as her walk
home through the evening woods....

Proud of the Little Things

I've been proud of myself lately, even for small things,                
It feels really good; for the peace of mind that it brings.             
Like the dishwasher's button I normally press,                  
Just stopped working, why it did is anybody's guess.            

But instead of panicking about any repairman's germs,           
I just chose another button, and in this way I learn,           
There are many ways to solve the problems I encounter,  
And I can give up old fears in which I used to flounder.                

Besides, with the dishwasher, I ended up grinning with glee,    
My solution saves on water and gas; more money for me!  
It's a much shorter "wash" using that other button, you see!    
So after that wash, I looked at the clean dishes and said GEE!  
It's the same thing with a faucet that started to drip,         
First I started to get nervous, chewing on my lip,              
Then instead of getting upset, I stopped, thought it out,               
It catches it's own drips, because it's the bathtub's spout!    

Later when I tried moving that faucet handle firmly,            
The drips that were dripping stopped dripping repeatedly,       
Oh yes, occasionally it will still start dripping afresh,               
But I no longer worry, I refuse to let it cause stress!         

True, sooner or later I'll have to call that plumber,           
But he'll more likely be germ free this coming summer!          
I think I probably do have much more strength than I feel,      
Looking at my life, I see I really AM able to deal.                     

It's just gaining confidence that I CAN depend on me,           
Which I "should have by now" looking back on my history,        
But that is okay, it takes time to change my inner outlook,     
Which likely will be when I have enough poems for a book!       
~Lyne's Creations