Howdy, Pretty Lady!

    Copyright Lyne's Creations January 2015  All Rights Reserved

(click to see her "other half" created months later)

I was listening to music from the TV show "Nashville" (about the country western music world) while
working on this piece. I do love that show and that type of music! 


Dawn SR2 by Chris and his team at HiveWire3D, wearing the new HiveWire Cowboy hat that
inspired this image! Spiritfoxy did a fun bunch of textures for this versatile hat for both Dawn & Dusk!
I did post work on the hat band to make it match the sweater a bit more, plus I used a modified "Sunstone"
material from "Shades of Earth 02" by Sveva for the "gem".

This pretty lady is Oriana by Fabiana, wearing Fabi's Eternal Kyra Hair. I used the shirt from
Elleque's Freebie "Free Style" for Dawn and applied one of Fabiana's new Essentials Vol VIII Velvety Fabrics!
 I increased the "displacement" for a fluffier look, and also unplugged the alternate diffuse so the colors
 would be brighter. (for some reason there was too much light on the material. I DID use Fabi's Warm & Soul
 lights as she recommends. Not sure why the default node settings rendered "washed out".)  I also had to do
"post work" on the sleeve/cuff parts so it looked more like a sweater sleeve. 
(I really need a body suit for this sort of thing.)

The gorgeous Red Shouldered Hawks are from "Birds of Prey 3" by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire.
The sky (by commission) is a real world photo by my good friend George Gregory!

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