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Ode to Fabiana

Within my art, that I create with such loving care,
Fabiana's products for Poser are always there,
I consistently start out with one of her perfect lights,
And in this case her props, jewelry, plus materials bright!

Fabi you have influenced my muse, it's always very clear!
So Thank You very much, once again, Fabiana, dear!
~Lyne's Creations                                                 

HW's Dawn - I started with DawnSE but then I applied
Vex's Skyla map and morph! (HW) I did substitute Fabi's
Oriana NAILS and nail morph for Dawn.

She wears  OOT's Spring Bride Hair, (Rendo)

Her dress is Lully's Dynamic Regency Frills (HW) and I did something "off the wall"
for the dress material - I used Fabiana's jewel mt5 from her: Espiritu Bohemio took the yellow on that one material and changed it to turquoise,
and scaled it. Also Dawn is wearing Fabi's Espiritu Bohemio Earrings and ring by
using her wonderful ring poses for Dawn to place the rings just right!
Note: Fabi's Utility Poses for placing V4's rings on Dawn come in her
Bijoux Hantee add-on set for Dawn!!

Dawn wears an old V3 string of pearls... those and her hair ornament have the
Earring's material so they will match.

I started out with one of DM's Pretty Dawn poses (found at Rendo),
then tweaked her arms/hand positions to suit.

She stands in front of Fabi's Essential Mirror prop with the etched patterns. I did
substitute Fabi's Picture frame wood material for the mirror's wooden frame.  It's
very tricky to get the lighting and 'room' just right for the mirror's reflection to show
up perfectly! Once I made poser's Preview background color BLACK, then the
reflection "popped" nicely! (all Fabi products found at Rendo)

The lights (Fabi has tips/instructions in the mirror set) must be very high up,
with one at least facing the figure's FRONT to show up in the mirror... basically,
rotate the lights to the 'very top' of poser's light ball and then test render until you
get the look you want.

The floor is made with poser's cloth plane and one of
Fabi's essential Floor tile materials, scaled!

Lully's Drapery and her Conservatory Settee sit in the "back" of
the room - seen just in the reflection.

HW house cat with my body morph and Travis map, brushing his fur out in post.
His pose is based on one of Pommerlis's PuddyTat poses, (HW) then tweaked to suit.

LisaB's Hosta plant in her Palm Pot (HW)
with Fabi's essential pottery material on the pot
I also colored the Hosta blooms purple...

I used the DAZ Haunted Mansion's candelabra but substituted one of Fabi's gold metal mt5's!

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights & Photoshop

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