My Prayer

Lyne's Creations Copyright August 2013  All Rights Reserved

I have been "absent" a while, having gotten into some extreme anxieties.
I had a diaphragm muscle lock up that made it hard to even breath, let alone take care
of my asthma properly. Thankfully I am finally recovering but I need to take gentle care
 of myself leading up to a dreaded "med check" doctor appointment-
after being SO ill for so long, I do NOT want to go to a germ ridden office...
but I am required to....Hence my prayer:

My Prayer

I'm not as well as I pretend to be,
Either physically or emotionally,
"Fake it till you make it" doesn't work for me,
Not when I have so many vulnerabilities,

I rallied once with an amazing energy,
When I felt someone truly loved me,
But now that's gone, it's back to reality,
I must pay more attention, take better care of me.

I need to acknowledge my fears deep down inside,
Accumulated from childhood, they permanently reside,
There are legitimate reasons for how I sometimes feel,
No matter what men say to diminish my feelings so real,

My feelings and reactions are authentic and true,
Of course I react to similarities, no matter how few,
With fear and trepidations a bit larger than others,
Being calm and brave for me is really much harder!

It's okay, little Lyne, just do the best you can,
When faced with requirements from "the man",
With your Higher Self's help you'll make it through,
And then you will become proud of all you CAN do!

Just hold on to your simple clear truth, your golden rule,
Higher Self has always loved you more than you knew!
Know with certainty in this especially fearful dark hour,
You have that extra protection and even greater power!

So for now, I acknowledge my fears locked deep inside,
And give them to my Higher Self, who's always on my side,
Then after the event, I'll gather rewards promised to myself,
Leaving fears in the care of my Highest Power - myself!
~Lyne's Creations