Power & Stealth
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"Tarzan" is Taka by CWRW played by Dusk. He wears HW's Loincloth for Dusk.
His hair is Spartacos by SAV fitted to Dusk by me, also using the
add on PHC hair textures by P3D Art both from Rendo

HiveWire Gorilla "dialed back" to create his "great ape" companion
The neat things is one can use all the Dusk morphs for him too!
I added fur to the gorilla in post.

Spear is one of my older props sets -I think it was from the "Bull King Room"
 by mapps (and is no longer sold I think)
I added a public domain obsidian spearhead with post work in Photoshop.

Songbird remix African FischersLovebird by Ken
Oleander Hawk Moths from "Moths Of the World" also by Ken
I love adding these elements of birds and insects to bring my images to life!

Older Monkey model by Debra and Rat is by Noggin both from DAZ

Background created with renders from Poser Pro 2014 -using Stonemason's Enchanted Forest,
RDNA ferns, and Jungle Vines for poser from Daz. I also cut out some of the plants from
the background so I could use them as elements to set in front of my characters to help set
 them into the scene. I'm offering this background that I worked so hard
on for days and days and days as a PSD freebie!

Poser Pro 2014 and Photoshop

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