3D Worlds in Poser 4
Gallery I

Scenes created with Poser back drop Props right in Poser!
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flower1a.jpg (11517 bytes)

SleepyPlace2.jpg (14040 bytes)

ForestPool2.jpg (7830 bytes)

Little Stinker
Poser render with
photoshop layer photo


Sleepy Place
RDNA Microcosm
with background added
in photoshop


Forest Pool
3 sub-linked images of the
same pool with effects too!
RDNA Microcosm


waiting2.jpg (4542 bytes)

rpdsnowmoose2.jpg (8420 bytes)

pirateladyred2.jpg (8947 bytes) pirateladyblue2.jpg (5217 bytes)

Waiting on the Lady
Phalen's WW Hotel

Moose on RPD Slope
Nerd's Backdrop Tool

Two images with Rena's
Fantasy Swashbuckler


Coyotepath3.jpg (8656 bytes)

griffincave2.jpg (10773 bytes)

harveysworld2.jpg (5598 bytes)

Coyote Path
Nerd's Backdrop Tool

Griffin Cave
Trans Pond's Cavern

Harvey's World
Core Poser 3d World Kit


fallday3.jpg (11309 bytes)

merrychristmas2.jpg (17568 bytes)

Griffincapture2a.jpg (8784 bytes)

Fall Day
Poser 3D World

Merry Christmas
Poser Room from Poser World

Baby Griffin Capture
Trans Pond's Cavern

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