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New Poser Art Gallery 7

Very LARGE Art Images Created with Poser 2014! It's 64 bit! wheee!
(yes, there is a Poser 11, but I personally MUCH prefer the more straight forward Poser 10
engine and ui interface/functions to the silly, complex material room of P11!)

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A Stroll Through the Past
Secret Rendezvous Preening
Softness & Sparkles



Feline Fashion
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!
The American West Victorian Portrait

Magic Among the Ruins
Happy Easter/Spring!
Preparation For
the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding
Reception & Gift Presentation

Lady Paloma of The Horse Whisperer Clan
Tango of the
Jeweled Beauties Beach Babe

Beach Babe (Redux)
*added the dog*
Siren's Song For the Love of Firefly Keep Your Eye On
The Ball


Lion Family Life For The Love of
the Lions ~
Returning Home

Lazy Hazy Afternoon
Oh Dear!!


The Painter Walk On The Wild Side
Up A Tree
Sunday Bike Ride!



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