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New Poser Art Gallery 5

Very LARGE Art Images Created with Poser 2014! It's 64 bit! wheee!
(yes, there is a Poser 11, but I personally MUCH prefer the more straight forward Poser 10
engine and ui interface/functions to the silly, complex material room of P11!)

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Click on each NAME of each- to see the large version.

My New Toy
Kitty Dreams The Best of Friends


On Halloween Night
Kitty Isn't Happy...
Honey, you can't hold the kitty that way...



On the Defensive

Minako's Ready
Horses of the Heartland

Santa's Little Helper

Christmas Sweets A Kiss For My Baby Road Race Indian Princess

Obligatory Christmas Sweater
Getting Ready
Gazing Across the Sea
Morning Dove in Mourning

A World Apart


Here Come The Kittens!


Nap Time

Warrior of the Serengeti



When is it My Turn, Mommy?

One Cool Dude

The Last Cub

Moon Play


A Solitary Life
The Lady In Spain
Shy Contemplation
First Sign of Spring

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