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New Poser Art Gallery 3

Very LARGE Art Images Created with Poser 2014! It's 64 bit! wheee!
(yes, there is a Poser 11, but I personally MUCH prefer the more straight forward Poser 10
engine and ui interface/functions to the silly, complex material room of P11!)

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Click on each NAME of each- to see the large version.

The Evil Queen The Need for Fathers Aspects of Me- Guardians
CAUTION! Massive Image!
Daddy Boots
Howdy Ma'am! Pretty As A Picture BIRDIES! Nickie Cat on His Rug

She Loves her Rings! Somewhere Over the Rainbow Comfort in a Friend Her Christmas Pony

Luna's Radiance The Blue Lady You'll Get Lost in Her Eyes
Beauty in the Woods
The Old Cowpoke Winter Hunters Legs! Princess Monica
Her First Pony! Serene Dream Mother's Lessons Dream's Inspirations



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