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New Poser Art Gallery 2

Very LARGE Art Images Created with Poser 9
Eeek! But now I finally got Poser 2014! It's 64 bit! wheee!

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The Magical Kirin Unlikely Friends True Love? Making Friends
Playing With Friends Happy Halloween 2014 Friends Forever Halloween Haunts

All Hallow's Eve

Dawn of the Future Dawn & Dusk Road~Block!
Howdy, Pretty Lady Sole Survivor Dawn Across The World 1
African Blue Lady
Dawn Across The World 2
Maasai Bride


Afro-American Beauty Spirit of America Dawn Dublin Portrait
Caution: HUGE image!
Descendent of the Dragon
Caution: HUGE image!
Hey Mister... Asian Enchantress
Caution: HUGE image!
... And She Knows It!
Caution: HUGE image!
Modern Geisha
Caution: VERY HUGE image!


Baby Luna For the Love of a Child ~ Asia For the Love of a Child ~ Bliss Wild Neon Nights
Dancing Druid Dawn
Caution: BIG image!
A Woman's Fantasy Hang On Tight A Cowboy's Friends
Learning To Swim Parade Ready Mom's Garden Discovering Her World
For The Love of a Child
Trick Riding Playing Dress Up Charming & Snow White
inspired by the ABC TV show

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