WIP-Creating my Arab Mare

The "white" horse texture in Equine Colors Volume 2 for Daz Mil Horse by Solarisonline (RMP) seemed a great way to create the "flea-bit" color of my dear mare....as a good friend suggested. So I bought the set and combined it with my own white Mil horse texture, and added my mare's little lip snip of flesh color... Bint Rifara (daughter of Rifara) was a Kellogg Arabian mare of the sweetest temperament in the world!

It is my dream to re-create the photo in the upper right of me, and my girls...I am in the process of using Wardrobe Wizard to put the RDNA M3 turtle neck sweater on V4...I already have billyT's real jeans for V4, and Rena/Thips V4 moccasins (yes, silly me, I wore soft leather moccasins around my horses...trusting soul that I am)....

 To see the whole series of the girls and me see (caution large group of 4 photos!)
CLICK HERE: Me and the Girls