Portals to My Dreams

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Portals to My Dreams

true story, except-
disclaimer: I did add "ape" to make it all rhyme,
Though it was just Tarzan himself arriving just in time,
And also yes, I know Zorro's horse is BLACK,
but to rhyme I had to deviate just a tad from fact.
yes, I'd have nightmares, plenty of them,
Yet  it was special to find some relief when....


When I was a little girl, I could retreat every night,
To be cradled by a hero, safe from my dark plight.
Thus early on I discovered the magic Portal Tree,
With it's door to leave this world, through which I'd flee.

My real life was just so horrific this was my only escape,
And I'd seek to be rescued in dreams by Tarzan and his ape,
Or perhaps on another night, I'd be carried away,
In the strong arms of Zorro astride his great dark bay.

Or I'd be a mermaid, breathing under water, as odd as that seems,
Since magic is entirely possible, do you know what I mean?
Considering waking life was the nightmare, full of silent screams,
Nights brought some sanity through these Portals to my dreams.
~Lyne's Creations                                                   

Luna wearing her sleeper (free at HiveWire from Glitterati) with the dawn mid length hair
 (hair texture color and trans maps modified by me) I applied Fabiana's essential
velvety fabrics texture to the sleeper, it works very well on clothing!

LisaB's Forest Portals
(with shape of the tree changed to give me a wider doorway,
as well as duplicating the leaves to add more, all done in Photoshop )
 LisaB's black-eyed Susan's along with RDNA's dandelions.
The grass was "grown" in Photoshop using eye Candy 4 "fur filter".
I also used LisaB's Simmering Summer ground-cover applied both to Flink's
Ultimate Ground and the base of the forest portal so they matched. The cloudy sky
is from "Blue Skies Beyond The Clouds" (that set will be coming soon To HiveWire)
Then I added the lower plants/bushes/trees using parts of PhotoGG's skies.
I blended the colors of all the flora into the same greens to make it all work together.

In keeping with the theme I have flocks of crows and other forbidding elements
outside of the special tree, while adding bright elements in and around the tree itself.

Ken Gilliland Songbird remix's Fairy Wren, Finches and crows using Ken's flocks
(small brown bird that the two crows are chasing is a female red-winged blackbird by Ken)
Small Elephant Hawk Moth and Six-spot Burnet Moth from "Moths Of the World" also by Ken
Noggins Butterflies from Daz
Older Monkey and Squirrel models from Daz, with fur brushed out by me

Shown inside the portal doorway: my art piece with Dusk as Taka, the HiveWire Gorilla
 in my background created with renders from Poser Pro 2014 -using Stonemason's
Enchanted Forest, RDNA ferns, and Jungle Vines for poser from Daz.
Songbird remix African Fischers Lovebird by Ken
(you can see all the credits for that art piece shown within the doorway on my website)

Poser Pro 2014 and Photoshop

PS and yes I will be doing another forest portal image with Zorro in the
portal doorway, whenever I do the Zorro art piece I have in mind.


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