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Much to my delight, I have finally been able to create a 'real' 3D carousel horse, from my 2D
carousel art. See Lavender Bows, for the original bows, bridle, mane, and tail. I crafted the
saddle in Bryce in the terrain editor. This is the first time I understood how to 'sculpt' shapes
using the  grayscale brush. All these objects are made with terrains, using first the grayscale image
of the item, and later applying the color 2D image to the 'bow terrain'.  Her bridle is made the same
way, using a lattice terrain, instead of a regular mountain terrain. I refined the image in Photoshop5.
I like to 'dish' the face of the straight-nosed Poser horse model. See below for FLYING Bows!
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