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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

My world these days, IS a roller coaster of emotions
*sigh* ... so be it.


A Sense of Pride in Myself

Growing up I had no sense of identity.
My Mother raised me very critically,
I was never praised for any ability,
So I couldn't feel pride in my creativity.

I fell in love, so I thought it was he,
who brought out the "best in me",
But now all by myself I can see,
How words I need come magically!

I find I'm astounded at my vocabulary,
It IS thrilling fun to rhyme so easily!
But I guess with so much adversity,
It took me until the age of sixty three,

~ Lyne's Creations


A Love Affair

I searched the whole world when I was young,
I somehow knew there was someone,
Who would match my heart and my soul,
to connect in ways we could not yet know.

We finally met in the most unlikely place,
A computer world within cyber space.
We meshed together with perfect symmetry,
Our lives were so full of possibility.

Based on friendship, there was born such intimacy,
We learned about each other, there was no secrecy.
He knew I was fragile, had been treated unfairly,
He encouraged my trust in him ever so gently.

Our souls entwined, expanded, began to glow,
KNEW the things we could not know.
We burned with happiness we felt foretold,
We exploded with passion out of control.

Then one day he went deathly silent,
This man of many words, was suddenly quiet.

I waited for days that felt like years,
My mind went numb from all my fears.
There followed then, those horrible days,
When I felt his love for me drain away.

I plummeted down into depths so dark,
My body screamed along with my heart!
I could not breath, there was no air,
I had never felt such deep despair!


It's been months since the death of "us",
There's still such pain and incredulousness.
He taught me to so thoroughly trust,
With him "brutal honesty" was a must.

Still confusion sets my mind whirling,
Anger, hurt and yes even still loving,
this man I thought I could trust with my life,
took his heart and walked off into the night.

Was he just fooling himself with me,
playing the man he wished himself to be?

He did what everyone in my life had before,
He shut off his feelings, he closed that door.
and now I am left here flat on the floor,
filled with such anger that he could ignore
all the possibilities left we could have explored.

IT'S NOT MY FAULT,  I did no  wrong,
I only believed in my heart's song.
~Lyne's Creations                       



My dear friend, I just have to explain,
Why, again, I am in such utter pain.

The love I lost was so very rare,
I still have days that I cannot bare.

when I don't allow feelings sad,
Then my health gets really bad.

So though I must be gone awhile,
I promise I will be back in style!
~Lyne's Creations                       

(this really happened)


(art that goes with this poem)

This morning THREE earthquakes hit my home,
I got so scared, I felt so much MORE alone.
There was a time, now long gone away,
That I had warm whispers in my ear to say,
Words so calming, so reassuring to me,
That even coming from far across the sea,
Somehow his sweet loving presence helped,
Because I knew he cared, he knew how I felt.

Yes, I CAN handle most things on my own,
But it's simply not the same when I am alone.
Yes, of course deep down I know I CAN deal,
With every single shake, every crisis real...
Still it is really the PITS, it's just so not fair,
how he removed his love, took away his care.

I will pick myself up and I WILL persist,
Even with quakes I will learn to coexist!
And again I will deal with fate's nasty twist,
but I think for today I WILL JUST BE PISSED!

~ Lyne's Creations


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