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You may NOT take copies of these poems for any reason.

Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

These are some of the humorous poems coming out of my daily least I HOPE they are funny!  I decided to put them all
on one page....on about an annoying gnat, one about making bread
and a long one about the joys of being owned by a cat! :)


Attack of the Gnat
(cute art work to go with this poem here)

You know those tiny gnats that fly,
Around you face, and in your eye?

Well last night, once again I found
another pesky gnat flying around.

Atop the fresh bread I was trying to slice,
Sat that gnat, daring me to snuff out it's life!

I tried with flailing hands this gnat to swat
But it was all in vain, he couldn't be caught!

His flight looked slow, yet he was fast,
as I tried in vain to catch his tiny ass.

I must have looked a right silly sight,
Clapping my hands with all my might.

I nearly went insane trying to kill that gnat,
Everywhere I looked, there he again sat!

He always got away, I don't know how,
I wiped a weary hand across my brow.

I suppose the only way I'll be the winner,
is if I eat that gnat along with my dinner!

~ Lyne's Creations


The Insanity of Bread Making
(with bread machines)

When I bake my many loaves of bread,
Anxiety fills me with a sense of dread.
Will it rise or will it not?
Was the water too cold, too hot?

Sometimes the pans leap and spring,
Right up off that paddle thing,
Then I am the one to leap and race,
To shove those pans back in place!

I see it breathing, will it rise at all?
Hmm the higher it rises, the less it will fall.
Oh! It's higher now, I can see it moving!
The chance of success, it is improving!

The bread is done, I took it out,
It is tall enough, there is no doubt.
Now it's on a rack and cooling,
I do not find this at all amusing.

I am so tired of this daily grind,
but my diet demands that I find,
the purest foods I can create,
in hopes that I can accommodate,
My damn intestinal limitations,
to minimize it's irritations.

This one is not finished I think! :)
~ Lyne


This one is not really funny...but anyone that does
Graphic computer arts might relate....

Computer Reality

Sitting quietly at my computer,
While waiting for another render,
I allow myself to become aware,
of soothing, cooling AC air,
the reassuring sound of the hard drive
I sigh, I smile, feel glad to be alive,
in this technological age,
the world's our oyster, not our cage!
~ Lyne's Creations


This is dedicated to my dearest friend
 this is TRUE STUFF!  :)


Nickie, my beautiful sweet loveable boy,
Do you know you bring me such utter joy?
You are my confidant and my familiar,
I love you right down to the tip of your whisker!

Yes, I do buy you overpriced toys, just to find,
You would rather chase after a piece of twine,
or cavort around with a crumpled up paper,
Causing me to laugh out loud at every caper!

Other times your Mom you will annoy,
While you just sit there and enjoy,
Someone else playing with your toys,
You think your smart, you clever boy!

Today I was astonished at what I saw,
You snagged the rug with one deft claw,
So carefully at that edge you did tug,
then pushed your mouse under the rug!

Ready to attack, your butt wiggles,
it starts in me, a fit of giggles!
Into everything with your curiosity,
Hunting your toys with such ferocity.

At times I can't find where you're at
I cry out: oh my gawd, I've lost my cat!
I spend frantic minutes looking high and low,
There's just no where else you could go!

Then suddenly I'll spy your calm little face,
Peering out from some incongruous place.
You'll stare at me and I swear you think,
It's fun to send Mom over the brink!

You get on my lap every time I sit down,
Your blinking gaze takes away my frown.
I can't resist stroking your soft fur,
You sooth me so with your sweet purr.

When I see you simply laying asleep,
It fills me with such a sense of peace,
You wake, twist, lay upside down,
Then look up at me, I can not frown.

Why does watching you wash a paw,
Fill me with such silly: "awwwwww" ?
I can't resist watching your every activity,
You  amaze me with your incredible agility!

I'm glad there is nobody else around,
To hear all the silly words and sounds
That I utter all day long to you,
Like Fluffy Britches or Nickie Doodle Do
and no I did not make that up to rhyme,
I really talk like that all the time!

Once in a while, you will make a mistake,
You'll fall off a chair, and then you will take,
The funniest, unlikely innocent pose,
of unconcernedly washing your toes!

I do fear I am causing you sleep depravation.
Why can't I overcome the irresistible temptation,
To stroke your fur every time you are sleeping.
I can't help it, it's spontaneous and unthinking!

You gaze at me, I'd swear you know,
The entire contents of my soul.
You are much more than just a friend,
of the comfort you bring, there is no end.

Nickie, my beautiful sweet loveable fur-ball,
I love you so, you are my everything, you are my all!
~Lyne's Creations                       


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