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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

FYI: The best three FREE websites to help with writing poetry are:
  RhymeBrain  Thesaurus and How Many Syllables
 I use these sites constantly, and the Thesaurus site is the MOST comprehensive one I have every seen!!

Go and Grieve

Being new in the school,
I had asked what to do,
The teacher said,
Go and Grieve instead,
   I donned my coat, felt tears sting,
      And then I woke from my dream...
     What did it mean?
~Lyne's Creations                    

404s and Poetry

While editing some of my lines,
I glanced at my computer's time,
It said "404" causing me to roll my eyes,
Because I was remembering sad old sighs,

It all just seemed to be a little ironic,
That while working with electronics,
And poetry itself feels a bit histrionic,
Never mind, playing with words is also a tonic!
~Lyne's Creations                 


     Over The Rainbow          
 (art here)          
                In the ages of long ago,                        
 Somewhere far over the rainbow, 
 When magic still lived thereabouts,     
 There was among cathedral clouds,       
 Great glimmering soaring equines,       
 That when seen, delighted our minds,    
 Many scanned the skies in that light,   
 Wishing to see this breathtaking sight.       
 So I bring you a precious glimpse,      
 From some ancient manuscript,        
          This family of Pegasi,                  
      Born of magic rainbows on high.         
 ~Lyne's Creations                        


November 21, 2015

Tears for The Years

        I saw some photos of my Mom, she's 93,          
My brother sent her birthday pictures to me.
I wasn't prepared for my reaction to the sight.
My throat chokes up, my chest feels so tight.

Part of my heart feels love for her still,
The other part is the hole she never could fill.
Feelings so heavy, laced with confusion,
Knowing she and I will never have a reunion.

She impacted my life with her force of will,
Injuring me with her complete lack of skill,
Yet when I gaze upon her 93 year old face,
I feel such utter sadness for what can't be replaced.

I'm truly confused, of that there's no doubt.
I think I may end up sobbing my heart out,
I feel sad that my Mom has to BE 93,
Yet I wonder if my tears are really for me?
~Lyne's Creations
Just Surviving        
(a bit of an awkward poem I "forced out"
from my state of frustrated depression..
but I do always try to end on a better note...)

I have worked so hard all my life just to survive,              
All alone finding ways to keep myself alive,            
My dysfunctional parents simply had no notions, 
Because they were completely devoid of emotions.                

Thus when I was just a tiny mite of five,                       
I wanted to give up the fight, sacrifice,                       
This life already fraught with terrible strife,         
In my literally overwhelming life.                                              

At my young age with no way to communicate,             
The nature of my troubles which were very great,        
I was feeling so utterly lost and all alone,            
I just wanted to give up and to my soul; go home.       

So it continues even now, as I struggle to stay,                        
In a body with ill health, learning lessons day by day,         
Because ultimately I chose this life to rediscover,             
My own identity, advance my soul a little farther.              

Next time I hope to allow myself the family I desire,           
All of whom will give me the unconditional love I require,              
While providing an environment of all-embracing safety,         
So I'll grow into a strong healthy loving independent lady!     
~Lyne's Creations                                                         

Happy Thanksgiving

(Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday,
as I do feel so thankful for a lot... though
this year I really had to FIND something
to inspire me to write ...and my friends are
it! ~ Despite my "home community" on line
being literally attacked by a middle eastern
propaganda group, and it's forum is STILL
not back up...causing more sadness!)

I have been on line for such a long time,
I'm so grateful for the friends that I find!
So this time of the year, again I'm here,
To wish everyone some holiday cheer!
~Lyne's Creations (since 1996!)


(everyone has to do it sometimes!)

I HATE having to drink 13 big glasses of water a day,
Just to prevent my eyes from getting into a blurry way,
Then each glass of water can set off another IBS pain,
Then that makes me wonder what in the bloody hell did I gain?

My back gives me so much pain whenever I stand too long,
It's from having a spine curved since birth, it's just all wrong.
FM stabs me with pulsing pains in my body hither and yon,
And really I wonder how the hell I can just keep on going on.

Since early menopause ruined my health, I have not felt whole,
And I've been forced to live a life that takes such an emotional toll,
It is getting harder to feel I have any semblance of control,
So I just sigh and settle my head on the shoulder of my Soul.
And wait.....
~Lyne's Creations                         


The Beauty in a Dream          

I awoke from within a dream of flying,          
In a pretty light wooden sort of machine,       
As we gently rose upward over the sea,         
I felt tears well up for the beauty I could see.     

      I was a little bit nervous, but said "I trust you",             
As we quietly glided over the colorful view,            
  Of blue and green water in the cove below,              
Feeling the barely warm breeze around us blow.          

       When I woke up I was so grateful to myself,             
For this gift of a break from the pains of ill health.  
~Lyne's Creations                                          


Adventures in the Night

With a constant rain showering softly down,
Gently soaking into the thirsty ground,
I slumbered in my fanciful dreams,
Of exciting, fun, beautiful things.

After the threat of very high ocean waves,
When I was looking for a way to be saved,
I quickly found myself high on a hillside,
Being offered a swank ride in which to hide.

There were polished blonde wood walls inside a train,
And then as so far as I could ascertain,
The drawers were filled with clothing that were for me,
I realized this because everything fit perfectly!

I chose pink fitted high waist jeans with corset ties,
And then a pretty pink and red top caught my eyes,
I was so happy, sharing with my male room mate,
I changed in front of him, in an unabashed state,

And you might think that would turn into passion,
But I was much more into all the fancy fashion!
Explaining how all these clothes were especially for us,
Free from the creator, to advertise, cause a fuss.

Then I woke to rain pounding loud on the roof,
I frowned at my pain and longed for my youth,
Knowing the only escape is in my dream mind,
So I'm grateful for this small relief that I find.
~Lyne's Creations                                         


Her Christmas Pony           
(art here)         

      She crept down the stairs on Christmas eve night,               
Stifled a squeal at this dream come true sight,                 
She ran over to her great white steed with sheer delight,       
  Climbed up and set off at a gallop with all her might!          

Her parents saw she had rocked herself to sleep there,  
         Covered her with a soft blanket in loving care.                 
Knowing she was probably dreaming of her adventures,    
    And that she'd always remember this holiday's treasures!        
~Lyne's Creations                                                                   



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