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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

FYI: The best three FREE websites to help with writing poetry are:
  RhymeBrain  Thesaurus and How Many Syllables
 I use these sites constantly, and the Thesaurus site is the MOST comprehensive one I have every seen!!


Solitary Days

Moving through these solitary days in my twilight years,
I really must face my true feelings, allow my sad tears.
I am in mourning for that special love that I thought I had,
And wondering why I deserved to be this alone and sad.

Desperately needing the unconditional love of a partner,
All the men I chose were abusive in one way or another.
Now "free" from their critical controlling presence in life,
I'm like a ship with no anchor, lost on a stormy ocean of strife.

Fighting utter despair, it's hard to stop my depression,
So my nights are filled with dreams giving expression,
To all my deepest dark feelings welling up to the light.
Forcing me to be truly honest with myself about my fright.

Fraught with numerous health issues of every sort and kind,
I live in cold isolation, in which love seems impossible to find.
I just need a shoulder to lean on for support once in a while,
Someone who genuinely cares, could encourage a smile.

Somehow a tiny part of me, still feels I deserve a gentle love,
The thought arrives and kisses my heart, softly as a dove,
Then flies away, like an illusion, vanishing behind my pain,
And I look around me, with the eyes of a broken child again.

Perhaps next time, in a future life, someone will cherish me,
Love me in the truest way, wipe away tears so I can then see,
Another heart answering mine, share love that abounds in my soul,
And then finally after all my sad lives, my world will be full and whole.
~Lyne's Creations                                                                  


My Muse        

I am my own muse, she is inside me,             
She requires a calm mind to work freely,        
When I start to fret, she will get upset,               
She will turn her back, and I'll feel regret.   

Yet when I treat my muse with tender care,      
She fills me with a joy so fine and rare.               
From deep within my soul where she resides,     
The most breathtaking gifts she then provides.  

I work, so lost in communion with my bliss,     
A tear will appear on my cheek like a kiss,     
Finished, I will sit back and stare in wonder,  
Giving thanks for such amazing gifts from her!  
~Lyne's Creations                           


Seeking Comfort & Strength

My body tortures me every now and then, 
I can never predict the how nor the when,       
Pains of some sort always hover near,           
Setting off terrible pangs of fear.             

I must not give in to awful fears that keep me down,    
but look for distractions wherever they can be found.   
Still it is so hard, pulls at me, and tires me out,             
That I'd like to give in to a scream or a shout.                

All that I can do is decisively declare NO!             
I just can NOT give in to fears, or my joy will go.     
My life is what it is, there are things I can not change,       
But it is in my power, my thoughts to rearrange.                

Higher Self, give me the strength and fortitude,                
Fill me up with your love and a good attitude.          
Help me get the very most out of the years I have left, 
So that I can say with all confidence, I did my best!   
~Lyne's Creations


So Much for....                    

I made up my mind (again) to exercise,                  
To get my heavy body back down to size,         
But because I went out to pull springtime weeds,                
Had to lean over, not get down on my knees,             

My hamstring muscles now hurt, have started to seize,   
So much for my plans, when faced with realities.        
Sighing heavily, forced to rest, take time to heal,     
With frustration fighting my self improvement zeal.     

How often this seems to be the case with my plans,              
I plan this, but that happens, it's out of my hands,            
This thing we call life, keeps throwing curve balls all the time,       
Resulting in days that are always an uphill climb!              

And all I can say for our feelings of "So much for"...          
Is that we have to fight strongly, direct from our core,                
For even the fight itself, is a plus we can add,                        
Because we can feel pride in every challenge we've had!         

Just remember ALL kinds of feelings are okay to have,           
Treat yourself tenderly, applying emotional salve,              
Knowing that everyone also goes through what we do,             
And they're also hurting while fighting the good fight too!
~Lyne's Creations                                             


For Mother's Day, I wrote 3 different poems,
specific to the person I was giving them to...It
still kinda blows my mind, that I can just sit down
and write my feelings in poems... !

Mother's Day Greeting Poems I wrote-

For the Mom of my heart, my Mother in law:

This greeting is to tell you on your special day,
Just how much I admire you in every way.
I aspire to live with the grace that you show,
You have a soul from which love will always glow.
~Lyne's Creations

and for my dear Daughter in Law:

You can know with a total certainty,
That you are the best Mother you can be,
I've never seen such tender loving care,
That you show with a devotion so rare!
~Lyne's Creations

and for my own Mother:

I saw this hibiscus bloom and thought of you,
And remembered how much you love hummingbirds too,
So I put them all together with love in this greeting,
To say that I love you, because it does bear repeating!
~Lyne's Creations


Someday I may illustrate this story poem.
obviously it is a little inspired by my own life...

The Little Owl With a Scowl              

There once was a small little owl,              
Who glared at the world with a scowl,           
For his hoot came out as a howl.                
Was this why his mood was so foul?              

What happened to this little bird,              
To have angry feelings so stirred?              
Perhaps something bad had occurred,             
Where he felt his needs were unheard.           

Whatever it was, he spent lonely nights,        
Keeping silent, flying his evening flights.     
While during the day, he would likely stay,     
Huddled on his branch, his head turned away.    

Then one day, a pretty owl flew his way,                
He stared, admiring her graceful ballet,                
But then when she turned to fly toward him,     
He thought he would fall right off his limb.    

His eyes widened even more in surprise, 
He backed up, fearing she would criticize,      
Yet she came in, landing very close by,         
Settled quietly with a gentle sigh.             

She cooed very sweetly, with compassion,        
Shocking him with her obvious attraction,       
Her acceptance was so reassuring,               
He felt his life totally transforming.          

Amazed that he could feel so happy,             
Because from his anguish, he was free,  
So he gave out a great jubilant "whooo"         
As together now, their life would renew.                

Proving the old adage is still true,            
Genuine love always gets us through!            
~Lyne's Creations


A recurring theme lately, and my life long
lesson, that I'm still working on...

The Struggle

The tension is still there, I am not okay,
As I try to deal with ill health every day.
Fears ebb and flow, until I could scream,
Trying to care for every damn little thing.

I keep turning inward, myself to remind;
To stay focused on only one day at a time,
But so many pains plague me in this body of mine,
When I only wish for security and peace of mind.

So when my health becomes more of a chore,
I must love myself unconditionally more,
Be gently guiding, always without chiding,
All the while, in a single moment abiding.
Reminding myself I'm doing the very best I can,
Trying again to be accepting it all; that's the plan.
Treating myself as a sweet Mother and friend,
Be myself the one on whom I always depend.
~Lyne's Creations                       


(I was going to illustrate this with a magical fairy
among a lot of flowers...maybe someday)

Magic Among the Flowers

Sitting among the beautiful flowers,    
Calling unusual birds by the hours,     
Feathers glow brightly as she feeds,    
Bestowing health with magic seeds.      

Aware of how many become rare,  
She's working to give them extra care,  
So dry your tears, try to ease your fears,      
Help her keep these birds alive for years.      
~Lyne's Creations                   



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