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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

FYI: The best three FREE websites to help with writing poetry are:
  RhymeBrain  Thesaurus and How Many Syllables
 I use these sites constantly, and the Thesaurus site is the MOST comprehensive one I have every seen!!


The Small Pleasures

(written right after my "Mom of my Heart" wrote that
note on her Christmas card to me. :)

My Mom told me she thinks of me every day, even twice!
That makes me feel so warm in my heart; it feels nice!
I'm not sure if we are Mom and Daughter, or very good friends,
But it does not really matter, because our love just transcends!

This made me smile today, while at work in the kitchen,
During which I saw Nickie in the sunshine, content as a kitten,
He was thoroughly washing his brown tabby coat so well,
Then he stopped to look out his window, it's his TV, I can tell!

Small pleasures of each day, that can often make me smile,
These are the things that can make anyone's life worth while!
~Lyne's Creations                                                                     


Relating In Our Universe

(written with a particular man from my recent past
in mind. Also learning that everyone can't HELP but
relate to the world from themselves, as there simply
is no other way TO relate to the world. Our culture
teaches us this is "selfish" but it's simply reality. We
CAN walk a mile in another's shoes - ie: be sympathetic,
but we can't ever really KNOW another person's
inner self. Only they can really know themselves.)

All the men in my life were not entirely good,
But have I learned from each one as much as I could,
Though in some manor or other they all still plague me,
I need to rise above those irritations, be free.

In fact we ARE the sun in our own universe,
And all the others in our lives are never our curse,
Because of what we learn from each relationship,
Is gained within our own hearts, then becomes the gift.

If we see ourselves as we truly are, then expand,
Our hearts can become more pure as we understand,
If we wisely
use that which is gained in our mind,
We keep growing, learning, become better with time.
~Lyne's Creations                                           


The Power of Music

(From watching and listening to the DVDs & CDs
of the ABC show: Nashville- drama about the world
of the famous city of Country music.)

Nashville's music tears my heart out, lays it bare,
I feel everything that's ever happened there,
No corner hidden, no single stone unturned,
Bringing up every painful lesson I've learned.

Listening to music in the wee hours of night,
Always awakens my muse, she creates, I just write.
The power of shared feelings rings deep in my soul,
Is this why music affects humankind as a whole?

Whatever the reasons, I simply can't help but write,
Of my emotions that overflow deep in the night,
Which actually is so very good for my health.
I'm grateful for this, it helps me take care of myself!
~Lyne's Creations                                              


I Was Lost, But I Am Found

(My Mother is getting senile and it's sad and
frightening to me.)

I woke from a nightmare of being lost and alone,
I couldn't remember my address, nor my own phone.
I kept trying to write out my house number on scraps,
I felt so old and haggard, strangers thought I was bats,

I woke and lay there, reciting my address audibly,
Reassuring myself I'm still capable mentality,
Odds are likely I won't inherit my Mother's senility,
As long as I keep up my mind stimulating strategy!

Stress does cause my loneliness to rise to the top,
And that's when I forget all of the support that I've got.
I have a lovely home, with everything in it's place,
It is where I have all my comforts and I do feel safe.

I have a grocer who cares for my food necessities,
I've just enough income to take care of my home and me,
I can enjoy my own castle, feel guarded by my haven,
I'm able to handle every crisis and all situations.

In short, I am safe, I AM at home in my own place,
I just have to convince my inner child that we're safe.
Me, the adult who's becoming more capable every day,
And our Higher Self who protects us in every single way.
~Lyne's Creations                                                    


Working Through Dreams

(Dawn & Dusk are the names of two new human
models created by my favorite new 3D store, and it's
founder- a talented kind human being! I had a bad
dream caused by my shock from what a person close
to me, asked of me.)

Dawn and Dusk, day and night, darkness and light
They, together create such an incredible sight,
After troubled dreams of betrayal and shock,
I wake up to pour out in art what my life is not!
~Lyne's Creations                              


Giving Thanks

(written for 2014 Thanksgiving, and the
"mending relationships" I speak of is for
me, my family....and I was thinking of
our boys fighting in war area "on a far shore")

I give thanks for each and every friend,
That is why I am here now to send,
My heartfelt wishes to one and all,
On this crisp and cheery day in Fall,

I hope that your holiday is warm,
And that you are sheltered from life's storm,
Safe with that special person or pet,
Singing a song, a little loving duet.

If you have not given it thought before,
Think of those things that you are thankful for,
Maybe call someone close or on a far shore,
Perhaps some relationship you can restore.

As I wish you all...
Happy Thanksgiving once more!

~Lyne's Creations

More Thanksgiving poems:

For My Mom of My Heart

Loved by your family right from the start,
No wonder you are the Mom of my heart!
Even though your pedestal may be cracked,
My warm thoughts for you keep coming back!
I am thankful for your love and knowing you,
So this comes filled with my Thanksgiving Love too!

Love, Lyne
For my Home Delivery Grocer Guy!


Thanksgiving is the most perfect time,
To express what's always on my mind,
Just how much I appreciate your care,
A quality in people that's quite rare!

Your attention to my grocery deliveries,
Assists me in dealing with my disabilities,
Making my life just that much more bearable,
In fact, sometimes, even quite enjoyable!

So I am here this Thanksgiving, once more,
Thanking you for your hard work in the store,
Plus it gives me a very good reason,
To wish you a Warm Holiday Season!
Lyne's Creations



(inspired by the ripples of a beautiful
bit of prose written by a friend on an
Artist's soul that moved me so much.)

When I share how I really feel,
Connecting with friends is more real,
When I know that I am understood,
It makes my heart feel really good.

Sharing my art and writing with all of you,
Connects something deep in our souls, too.
As we reach out further to our friends,
This connecting begins to transcend.

Thus when our interconnections soar,
I become aware of what life is for,
Creativity from God above,
Shines throughout the entire world with love.
~Lyne's Creations                                     


I Can Still Be Sad

(written after going into Second Life, and seeing
a "room" full of couples ball-room dancing, instead
of the normal single dances to bouncy Blues tunes
I was a Christmas event. I left.)

It caught me unawares, this overwhelming sadness,
Upon seeing couples dancing full of holiday gladness,
I hadn't seen the notice, I wasn't prepared for that sight,
On top of that, the feeling lingered for the rest of my night.

It is so quiet and cold on this grey winter day,
Folks are busy in their own way, with not much to say,
I know the winter holidays can be harder than most,
Especially when haunted by long lurking ghosts.

So I just keep on pressing through this time of year,
Even allowing myself to shed those unbidden tears.
I will get through it just like I always have in the past,
Because as with everything in life, this too shall pass.
~ Lyne's Creations                                               


Defying Difficulties Alone

With asthma stealing what's left of my breath,
And FM pains making it difficult to rest.
With motivation gone from love that is lost,
My health is suffering with an even greater cost.

So as hard and painful as it is every day,
I'll force myself to move around every which way,
And just maybe if I keep it all up without fail,
There's a chance that I might eventually prevail.

But it will take more than luck if I'm to keep it up,
I'll have to muster determination, get off of my butt,
Get moving every way, every day, no matter what!
If not, I will only end up a painful old lump!

I'm going to do it, I'll chart my course by sheer force,
With just the help of my Higher Self as my only source,
I'm starting today, knowing I'll hurt more in the beginning,
Because my intent is that I will in the end, end up winning!

The truth of existence is that we go through it all alone,
So I have only to look to myself, like writing this poem,
It's up to me to encourage, cajole and push myself forward,
As it's always been me and my soul with which I am supported.
~Lyne's Creations                                                       


Added NEW Poems Feb. 20, 2015

True Love's Home    
(this welled up out of my heart, after watching
the conclusion of the mini series: North & South)

I've lived most of my long lifetime all alone,          
        Yet I've known true love's feeling of coming home,      
 Once or twice I had felt I was almost there,            
           But my heart was left behind, feelings laid bare.               

        These days when something resonates in my heart,        
I'm reminded of that tiny short lived spark,            
 That gave me a taste for a moment in time,              
Of the exquisite joy that was not to be mine.               
~Lyne's Creations   


Looking Through A Dark Glass  

  (I have a LOT of heavy challenges coming
at me in this next two week's time!)       

As all the old fears of my past,                
Echo loudly through that dark glass,    
Overwhelming any good I can see,        
Of today's trials that are upon me,     

I simply need to be understanding,              
Of why everything feels so frightening,               
Then sort it out, let go of all the old,                
Separate, cast away that heavy load.            

Bringing my Higher Self and the adult me,       
To the front of my mind, reassuringly,          
Each task and challenge met one at a time,      
Thus once again I do gently remind,             

My fragile frightened little child-self inside,         
As I draw her out from where, in dark, she hides,       
Bringing her to me, taking her by the hand,             
Showing her I'll always be taking a stand,              

Right beside her protectively guiding,                  
Within our Higher Self, always abiding.                 
Because in the present, I now do know,                  
Sometimes, to fear, you just have to say NO!            

So stand up, little one, you'll be okay,                
In the calm light of just this single day,              
Hearing always what I clearly say,              
You, me, us, are always safe this way!          
~Lyne's Creations                                


Feeling Happy

(Before the hard things I face currently, I was
pleased to realize I've made great progress inside!
I know once I get past the next couple of weeks, I
will once again be able to feel this way!)

I used to feel sad often, but lately the inverse is true,
I am finding I can be happy - and all by myself too!
Why should this surprise me so, I bet you'll Inquire?
Well, I've always looked to others for what I require.

Being such an extrovert it's others that inspire,
Thus heretofore I've been stuck in a sad mire,
But now that life has ended up as it has for me,
It's perfect for allowing me to learn to be happy,

All on my own, as I allow my muse to be free,
Turning on my music while I work creatively,
Consciously honing my skills to live calmly,
Results in my life working out really quite nicely!
~Lyne's Creations                                   


Her Life's Work

There once was a shy little extrovert,
Who leaned on others to make her life work,
Yet after living for years all on her own,
She has learned to care for herself all alone.

In spite of the many difficulties that arose,           
She dealt with every challenge as she alone chose,      
In doing so changing the very core of her soul,         
Knowing since birth, that this was her life's ultimate goal!
~Lyne's Creations                                             


Surprising, Alarming Storm

(Earlier in this winter of 2015, a violent storm struck!)

Surprised by a sudden loud crash of thunder, then rain pelting down,
I looked out all my windows and front door to identify the odd sound,
To my utter shock (living in warm Southern California) I gasped as I found,
A thick carpet of pea-sized HAIL STONES, with more piling up on the ground!

Where on earth in these on-going icy cold days, did the hot air come from,
To do, this past night, what this whacky extreme weather had done?
Also with no mild spring days, nor any colorful Fall days enjoyed,
I am beginning to feel a bit concerned, let alone very annoyed!

Me and my kitty cat huddle near the heater, trying to stay warm,
His eyes huge as saucers, me trying to assuage his alarm,
We waited until the downpour turned into rain, melting the hail,
So he could loosen his tightly curled tail, and I could relax and exhale.

What a night that had been during that very unexpected great gale!
~Lyne's Creations                                                           


Fibromyalgia & My Reason for Living

FM- It hurts when I brush my teeth,     
It hurts to wash my hands and feet,     
As well as everything in between,       
No one understands what I mean. 

It hurts to turn when I am asleep,      
But I am silent, I do not weep.         
I would flinch at another's touch,      
So I do not miss that very much.        

I live in my own padded world,          
With my cat, I lay warmly curled.       
Taking meds to help with my pain,       
I play music to help stay sane.         

I create my art, poetry too,            
It helps me from becoming too blue.     
Once in a while, I admit all this,              
Thinking back on some long ago bliss.   

But on the whole I've learned to live,  
Offering the world what I can give,     
With my art and words on cards to share 
This way I'm showing others that I care.        

Reaching out to find those counterparts,        
Connects us all to each other's hearts!         
Communicating with other souls,         
This has always been my life time goal,         

Because sharing my love, finding ways to give,          
This is the very reason for me to live!                 
~Lyne's Creations                             


Women Are Superior

Women are simply superior to men,
Is our subjugation any wonder, then?
It's not always true,
There are exceptions to this rule,
Men can be kind, women can be cruel.

But on the whole, I say to you,
After what I have just been through,
That men are, in fact, often cruel.
I think they're afraid they'll look the fool,
So naturally they actually do!

Still in my life, I have met some of the best,
Men who were more helpful to me, than the rest,
Who? You ask, considering my strong stand?
Well those that I hire to do a specific job at hand.

My grocer is one exceptional man,
Always helping me where and when he can,
Another is one of my very special friends,
He's a man upon who's friendship I can depend.

Hmm look at all this that I just wrote!
I was seeing the bad, expressing my vote,
And yet my true heart deep down within me,
Ended up expressing exceptions so freely!
~Lyne's Creations                      


Out of the Darkness, Seeking the Light

           My Mom and Dad would never speak,               
Feelings were secrets they would keep,  
   I grew up never learning to relate,             
My fear causing defensive thoughts of hate.     

No one seemed to care about how I felt, 
    It was a lonely world in which I dwelt.         
         Then I met a man who seemed to care,            
Our very thoughts we would compare.   

  But he too, became silent as the grave,         
And I was lost in a confusing haze,             
   Unable to fathom, again abandoned,              
Was love only something I had imagined?      

The only difference is that now I know,         
When my anger explodes from deep down below,    
          It is welling up from old fears and hurt inside me,             
   Getting directed at any perceived threat I see.         

I am not happy with my own reality,             
So I'm trying to change fundamentally,          
Which is a long slow process to be sure,        
With my aging ill health that I endure.            

I only hope next time, in a new life I can find,        
A family that's truly open, loving and kind.         
Meanwhile I will keep doing the best I can,        
Seeking scraps of happiness, that is my plan!        
~Lyne's Creations                                           



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