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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


It's Unfair!

You suck the joy right out of my air,
When I become aware you're there,
I always know when it is an Alt you,
Your so obvious with your clues!

Why do you continue to intrude,
Into my one happy interlude,
With your presence in the room,
You keep picking at my wound!

You know to whom I am speaking,
When will you get my meaning?
I wish you would just stay away,
Let me have a bit of joy in my day!
~Lyne's Creations


The Day My World Changed

The world just does not understand,
You were like water on desert sand,
You scaled walls protecting my heart,
Broke them down until they fell apart.

Rained down joy and light everywhere.
You tended my heart with unfailing care,
An oath of undying love, you did swear,
Then suddenly said I can not be there!

You had so perfectly filled every part,
Saying I was worth it all from the start,
Now there's a gaping hole in my heart,
From which poetry flows, as well as art.
~Lyne Creations                            


In Small Ways

I had always been sad, in a way,
Before you came to me that day,
Making me happier than I can say,
Until the day when you went away.

Now I can be happy in small ways,
But not like in those previous days,
When as partners, I thought you'd stay
My shock is still more than I can say.

Because I just can't quite yet believe,
How you can practice to deceive,
Thinking that I can't possibly perceive,
You force me to continue to grieve.
~Lyne's Creations                             


Every once in a While

Every once in a while
I have to let out what's behind my smile,
There is a sadness I retain,
Lost from my one true love I remain.

Especially when the one upon whom I depend,
Yells at me and I am myself forced to defend,
Trying all along, to remember who I became,
When safe in the loving arms of my old flame.

But now my heart is cold and full of pain,
Where is my best friend who made me sane?
Gone away because of my bad health limits,
He said he needed more than I could put in it.

He seemed so utterly understanding and sweet,
I thought he was the one I was told I would meet,
But his character's so faulty, not even he knew,
That he would never be able to follow through.

Yet I can't forgive him; he understood my fears,
He knows he lead me on for two solid years,
And now I find I can't trust ANY man, anymore,
So I have permanently shut tight that door.
~Lyne's Creations                           



I chanced to look out a window on a full moon's night,
When my eyes beheld an utterly breath taking sight,
A brocade blanket of clouds etched in silvery light,
Here and there a diamond star, glittering so bright.

This beauty stays engraved in my mind's memory,
How magnificent nature's canvases can be.
Some clouds are soft fleecy balls of white fluff,
Others make me wonder if they're made of real stuff!

In winter clouds are so varied and fascinating,
Some brushing across the sky; horse tails flying,
Others are great towers of glorious warnings,
Of dramatic lightning storms that may be coming.

Watching heavenly clouds changing their form,
I wonder of what kind of future they forewarn,
Then as the clouds close in and start turning dark,
I myself, hearken back to stories of Noah and the ark.

Still, I do love the soft sound of rain on my house,
It is very comforting if I don't have to go out.
I think this is such a universal feeling,
Because rain brings the very essence of living.
~Lyne's Creations                             


A New Plan

Today I decided to make a brand new plan,
To get as much out of every day that I can,
That way each success is by my own hand!
And in this way my own happiness will expand.

If you know me well, you will understand,
Of my life, I always work to take command.
I want to live better, but not overly grand,
I wish to be stronger, the better to withstand,

The daily battles with those idiot demands,
That require a calm head and a firm stand,
Against stupidity that I barely comprehend,
Even if to be courageous, I have to pretend!

Life brings so much, with which to contend,
Especially if by nature I desire not to offend,
So wish me good luck with my new life plan!
~Lyne's Creations                                         


Love & Lyrics

I heard a song just yesterday,
It said just what I wanted to say,
Suddenly I began again to cry,
My heart just wanted to know why.

How can lyrics speak for my soul,
Bringing back when he left to go,
Because still deep down inside,
I don't know why he left my side.

We were so perfect together then,
How can I not feel someday when,
He might return to me once again,
So this remains the state I'm in.

Living all my life closed for protection,
Chancing trust once, receiving rejection,
Love like that made me feel so alive,
Loosing it makes it hard to survive.

Music is key to humanity's passions,
Constantly affecting our heart's reactions, 
Do I allow the melodies into my mind,
Or return to that solitary sorrow of mine.

'Cause when songs on any given day,
Express just what I want to say,
Then once again I begin to cry,
My heart still wants to know why.

PS: I am not sure if it's him I miss,
or just the aliveness of love's bliss?
~Lyne's Creations


Playing the Game of Life- Solitaire!     

(art coming soon)         

(This poem/story assumes you have a working knowledge of
Windows Solitaire- Klondike version,
one card turned over at a also assumes you believe
in more than one lifetime, and "spatial time"!)

The card game of Solitaire I take quite seriously,      
Because I feel it reflects living life accurately,              
When dealing I will admit to "cheating" religiously,    
Hitting F2 until two aces show up helpfully.            

To me the game is an allegory for recurring lives,      
Showing the ability to make decisions to survive,       
So beginning with all of the cards stacked in my favor  
Gives me a good start, preparing for challenges later.  

Like my lives, I start with many moves probable,        
Believing I'll live with all sorts of growth possible,  
And knowing the moves I make early in the game, 
Are all mine to make, there's no one but me to blame.   

Sometimes the moves all unfold so very smoothly,        
Other times I fear being defeated prematurely,          
But this teaches me to stay strong, to face the fear,   
To never quit, to persevere and find my way clear.      

I love when the way opens fast in the beginning,        
Then even with a short fast life, I will be winning!    
But this is rare, most games take a lot of strategy,    
Studying all possible moves to prevent tragedy.         

I'm not above asking for help by clicking on "hints"    
But that's not always helpful in any particular stint,  
So be aware, even "hints" can turn out to be wrong,     
Yet by trying both moves, I can prove myself strong!    

  Then there is that horrifying point of getting stuck,           
        When nothing seems possible and life seems truly f*****,        
             Moving everything around to free some card to go up top,           
               Even if I have to bring some cards back down, I don't stop.             

This is when it's time to think way outside of the box,         
 Therefore I may have to move cards back down from the top,      
Finding how to break up the life ending log jam of cards,       
Means I must study every possible move really hard.     

When the game says: "no more moves possible"
I flat refuse to give in; I will do the "impossible"!
I move cards back and forth in all combinations,
Until I can win anyway, defying all "regulations"!

Then the elation it brings when suddenly I'm able to win,               
Is all made possible by thinking outside the box I am in!               
When I think in "spatial time" rather than in linear time,              
It makes the game of cards (or life!) more exciting in my mind! 

Once in a great while there is an astonishing surprise,         
When my right click action to send one card, multiplies,                
And unexpectedly the whole deck finds it's way to the top,      
I sit dumbfounded, staring, and my jaw actually drops!  

Occasionally there is that singularly heartbreaking moment,             
When one must admit defeat through possible errors in judgment,        
But after all, as with life, I am playing the game with myself alone,   
And I must take all the responsibility for how I get home!              
~Lyne's Creations                                                     


Waging War In My Dreams?

I seem to be waging war every night,
In my effort to stop my "flight or fight",
I try to refuse old reactions, take the leap,
To change my perspectives within my sleep.

But with help of an ally, it was brought to my attention,
That rejecting parts of me should not be my intention,
I need to turn and face those dream elements in sight,
Ask them what they need, so "we" can make it right.

Every aspect of my dreams has something to say,
If I can understand those in the bright light of day,
I will then be enlightened by this deeper perception,
And maybe this life will be the one that's the exception?!
~Lyne's Creations                                             


Stress & Success

Everyone has things in life that we stress over,
We worry that we may not be able to recover,
But if we take each crisis one day at a time,
Invariably our situations will turn out fine.

But I know we want things resolved RIGHT NOW,
POOH, we have to be grown ups and figure out how,
Perhaps we're impatient, sometimes fearful children at heart,
We don't want to have to be grown up from the very start.

Still there are GOOD feelings that come from success,
When handling difficult problems we are forced to address,
No one likes changes when our lives the fates rearrange,
Put on armor, gain knowledge, your goal WILL be obtained!

So hang in there all you grown up "children", you'll do okay,
And remember you WILL live on to fight for another day!
Be PROUD and confident of all of the battles you've won,
And always remember that you are NUMBER ONE!
~Lyne's Creations                                        


Aging & Dreams & Passing Between

Aging has way too many penalties,
Like getting up a lot in the night to pee!
Then all day long I tend to get so sleepy,
Though that's when I get my very own free TV!

My dreams are as clear and vivid as HD TV,
Every night I have a fresh new interesting library,
Filled with stories from all sorts of categories,
Sci Fi, Adventure, Horror, or maybe even comedies.

It's really neat because they are all in true 3D!
Plus I just never know exactly what I will see!
I have heard that when we pass out of the physical,
Our dreams become real in a realm most mystical!

So I must admit I am looking forward to that new reality,
When I won't have to sleep, eat, pee and live with my frailty,
And my thoughts become things that are actually tangible,
In a world I create that will be wonderfully artistic and colorful.
~ Lyne's Creations                                                     


One December Night

           Stepping outside of my house one December night,        
             I was utterly captured by a breath taking sight,                
       A full moon causing the clouds to glow silvery bright,  
      While all around was the fantasy of twinkling lights,   

  So enraptured by this quiet peaceful fantasy,           
           I felt that this moment was created just for me,                
    I stood soaking in the wonder of this beauty rare,      
Wishing only I had someone with which to share.    
~Lyne's Creations


Holiday Depression

Holidays hurt because there's no one there,
There is no loved one who will even care,
My depression deepens, my fears come out,
Because in realty my heart wants to shout,

Won't someone keep me, not throw me away,
Where's a true love with something comforting to say,
And still there is nothing but deep empty darkness,
So it's very hard to live and pretend any happiness.

My asthma gets worse, I tighten up from fear,
Somehow thinking someone will actually hear,
But still no one rings me and no one writes,
Nothing brings cheer in my cold dark nights.

I hate the holidays, and I want to go home,
Home to my soul, to love that's my own,
Yet I remain trapped in a body old and ill,
Forced to stay in love-less darkness still.

I hate the holidays, so I stay up all night,
And watch more TV, keep on a room light,
Cuddle my cat, try not to think of my plight,
Shades drawn tight to keep the dark out of sight.

I hear you, little child within,
I ache for the pain you are in,
The only love you got when you were young,
Was when you were sick, so to illness you clung.

Now your old beliefs rise up again,
Creating illness in body and mind,
Trying still that comfort to find,
But there's no one there, this time.

No life mate to be close by your side,
Someone to whom you can be allied,
So your loneliness can overwhelm,
And any hopes are pulled farther down.
~Lyne's Creations


It's Personal!

(art here)

          How dare you intrude into my domain?            
    You bring a fragile heart so much pain,     
         You think by changing your shape at will,       
            That I can't possibly recognize you still?             

    The scars on my own soul remain,              
For your injustices you'll be slain!            
      Your blood will be a permanent stain,           
           Warning Northerners; lay no further claim!      
~Lyne's Creations


An Old Lady's Thoughts      

(art coming soon)         

I have always been a little bit out of date,                    
  My period stopped early, despite starting late,                 
I only fell in love after I became an old hag,                  
The consequence of which was that I zigged when he zagged.      

It's annoying to be this much out of sync,      
Dyslexia screws with the way that I think.      
So now here I am at well over sixty,            
    Finally growing up, feeling a bit frisky,               

Of course now at my age my old body will falter,        
Thus I'm left wishing that it is time I could alter,            
Nevertheless I'm just stuck with the present day me,        
Making do, just me and my puny little pussy.            

Hey man! I see that leering grin on your face!                  
Just wait until you find yourself in my place!                  
      At least I am not a man who has ears that are all hairy,                
And I can blame my cat for the occasional dingle-berry!         

     One day you too, will find yourself living alone,               
Only able to play with your old doggy's bone!           
     And bursting into laughter will cause you to fart,              
But being a guy, you will think that is quite smart!        

I may be all alone, but laughter does still fill my home!       
And I must admit I had a great time writing this poem!       
~Lyne's Creations                                       


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