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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


My Poetry

Every day, where ever I happen to be,
Poems seem to just cascade from me,
Once I rediscovered this built-in faucet,
It became like a busy bee in my bonnet,

I just have to grab paper and write upon it!
Sometimes it's like having a quick small fit,
Other times it's slow going, that I will admit,
Either way, I'm so prolific I wonder if it's legit.

The astounding thing this skill seems to transmit,
Is my Higher Self's support and encouragement,
Answers and assistance just flow out of my pen,
When I dare to express the emotional states I'm in.
~Lyne's Creations                           


Fall Sunshine

As summers heat draws to a close,
A softer warmth bathes my windows,
Soothing the chills of each Fall night,
As I watch flocks of geese take flight.

It feels like it's time for me to hibernate,
Turning quiet thoughts inward to contemplate,
How happy I am with my new place in life,
Free now from life's turmoil and all my old strife.

I feel very creative in all sorts of ways,
As I look forward to various holidays,
I'm using every single moment of time,
In doing art this season brings to my mind!
~Lyne's Creations                         


The Creation of Art

Where does the time go when I am working on art?
I'm always sure I can keep track, whenever I start.
Then I give it my all, getting quite lost in the process,
And I wonder how time flies? I think it's anyone's guess.

All that I do know when my creations finally done,
Is that my mind was in a special place and it's fun!
So I highly recommend that you let yourself go,
Indulge your muse and let your creativity flow!

Then upload to the gallery and share with us here,
Our muses are communal so you've nothing to fear!
~Lyne's Creations                                 



Where do you find your inspiration?
I find it in movies of 3D animation!
With vivid colors and hyper reality,
It's so enchanting to the artist in me!

Additionally I seek out true to life stories,
of rising above in all sorts of glories,
Also I love the world's natural scenery,
Making me feel peaceful, I sigh serenely.

Or sometimes it's listening to an audio book,
Resting my eyes, I can let my imagination look,
At images, places and people created by me,
It's like a collaboration with the author, you see!

Or call a friend, have a chat on the phone,
It always makes me feel much less alone!
So look and you can find inspiration every day,
Adding to your life, helping you to find your way!
~Lyne's Creations

The Moon Goddess 
(art here)

The Moon Goddess, shining lady of the night,
Had failed in her task to make true love right,
Thus she returned despondently to her home,
There to remain utterly forlorn, all alone.

Searching all night long within her dreams,
She awakes, her heart once more breaking,
In life she'd experienced only one real love,
But then he had dropped her from so high up above.

Every night in the moon's light, as she sleeps,
She continues her dreaming quest to seek,
The love she'd always believed she would keep,
Only to wake in early dawn, once again to weep.

This human was worse than all who came before,
Because for him, she had opened her heart's door,
Her loving heart now lays shriveled upon the floor,
Unwilling and fearful of seeking love any more.

She continues to morn love that should've been true,
Shown by the glow of her moon, always softly blue,
Her mood waxes and wanes, as does her light,
Our Goddess of the Moon, shining lady of the night.
~Lyne's Creations                                            


I'm Alive!

The very fact that I am still alive,
Shows how hard I work to survive,
In spite of my severely limited diet,
Needed to keep my stomach quiet.

Doctors simply shake their heads at me,
Disbelieving I'm still fairly healthy,
When I only eat bread and tofu,
With just a little bit of chicken too.

They don't see all the supplements I take,
To make up for my terrible diet's sake,
To top it off it's only water I can drink,
It's odd my spirits don't more often sink.

But I am finally having some HAPPY times,
Then I smile for the minutes I am feeling fine,
Of course it's not every minute of every day,
But for me, it is a surprising thing to say!

I've experienced some horrible incidents,
Lived through many other's wickedness,
But human nature finds a way to survive,
It's in my personality- I'm glad I'm still alive!

~Lyne's Creations                           


What Your Father Gave You
(Written for my son.....)

You were lucky to have had a real Dad,
This was the person that I never had,
It was your Dad who always had your back,
This was the major thing in life that I lacked.

Your Dad always loved you no matter what,
I wasn't supported so I could proudly stand up,
I had a Dad who simply could not relate to me,
And I didn't become the Mom you needed me to be.

So while I grieve for what I have never known,
I reflect back to times before you were grown,
I think about how he knew you as I never could,
And I wish I'd had a Dad like that, who understood.

There were reasons my Dad never took to Fatherhood,
Just as there were reasons that your Dad was so good,
His Grandparents were good people, teaching him to love,
I'm sure this is why he still watches over you from above.

So be glad that in spite of your Dad's long working days,
And the reality of his sudden leaving that still heavily weighs,
He can remain in your heart, and mine, there he will stay,
The examples of a loving Father that he always displayed.
~Lyne's Creations


The Peculiarities of Nickie

I saw my cat sleeping as I passed by,
I said "Hi Nickie", he opened just one eye,
Then he raised his head obviously considering,
If any of my actions were at all interesting.

Then resettling one paw, he breathed a soft sigh,
Because his time for sleeping, he could not deny,
So he lay back down, rejoining his dreams,
Which held more interest than me, it seems.

So I take myself off to get some other chores done,
When I hear a mournful meow from my only "son",
Calling me to come back because NOW he's awake,
Probably wanting one of the paper balls that I make.

He's a rascal, he's a sweetie, or just being purely silly,
When he's bouncing off the walls, or racing willy-nilly,
Sometimes sitting still as a statue for as long as it takes,
"Telling" me to fill his food dish each time he awakes.

But the thing about Nickie that's special to me,
Is that he displays such a cuddly personality,
He prefers attention over food or even his toys,
I'm so blessed he's in my life, he's truly a pure joy!
~Lyne's Creations


Nightly Adversaries, Daily Luminaries

I'm constantly facing my deepest anxieties,
Reflected in my dream's nightly adversaries,
Then mirrored by my body's constant frailties,
As I search for ways to create my sanctuaries.

In dreams I have been so lost, I can't get home,
But lately I have had moments of being shown,
I'm strong and even happy while facing a threat,
I wake in wonder how this happened while I slept.

So, if I know the problem, I can find the answer,
Thus I keep seeking knowledge to become tougher.
Knowing if I become lucid in dreams and take control,
Awake I'll be more powerful, ultimately reaching my goal.
~Lyne's Creations                                                


Strong Emotions
(art here)

When I was but a tiny child,
Strong feelings were not allowed,
Emotions had to stay hidden,
Anger was always forbidden!

Dad cringed when I laughed,
So even joy was just dashed,
My moods were never addressed,
Thus I grew up afraid to express.

I am only now beginning to accept,
That my strong feelings are not a threat,
It is simply the balance of yin and yang,
And it's the reason my love so deeply sang.
~Lyne's Creations                           


Preamble: There is such a fine line between "stuffing feelings" that can later explode out,
 and not letting the wounds of the past impinge on the present.......

Those Sometime Feelings

I'm so giving if given half a chance,
I'm so loving if just a little romanced,
I have so much that I'd willingly share,
If anyone really desired to care.

Yet life has left me so very aware,
Of how kind people are truly rare,
Thus I sit alone with none but my cat,
Trying really hard not to look back.

But....when something triggers memories...

He made love to me, or so it did appear,
In the longest running role of his career,
Being an actor of such considerable talent,
He had me believing in his adoring intent.

Now unseen beneath my poise and grace,
Are tears falling behind my smiling face,
It's a heavy burden; my shattered heart,
As I too now only play the fake part,

Of a happy go lucky girl full of laughter,
No longer believing in Happily Ever After.
Ultimately I feel safe by staying alone,
Safe from the past, locked in my home.

I'm actually happy living just with me,
Yet one part is missing in my reality,
An important element of what life's all about,
That single thing that's so hard to do without,

It is the intimate connection two souls can enjoy,
Between those of the same sex, or a girl and a boy,
And guys! I'm  NOT talking only about physical things,
But the deeper bond honest emotional intimacy brings.

Thus at times, my heart hurts for that lack,
When memories come up and take me back,
To some sweet moment that was filled with joy,
That was then ripped from my soul by that one boy.

So I stay, alone, looking warily out my window,
Doing my best to learn, move forward and grow.
And most of the time, I am happy with this,
Until a memory tugs, like a soft fleeting kiss.
~Lyne's Creations                                     


Budding Artist

(art here)

The budding artist looks up, happily beaming,
She knows her artistic work has great meaning,
She innocently waits with increasing anticipation,
For her Mother's endorsement and appreciation.

What happens next is entirely up to the viewer,
Was your experience one of pleasure or furor?
Did your parent praise, and guide crayon to paper?
Or did you end up feeling art equals danger?

For myself, I don't have any memories like this,
Coloring within the lines was my particular bliss,
So I filled up many coloring books like I should,
Always so careful and working hard to be good.
~Lyne's Creations


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