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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


(This is a series of poems I wrote to go with 4 pieces of my friend’s hummingbird art,
 to make cards to send to my Mom when she was having some troubles.
I have been going to somehow “bridge” the 4 stanzas to make one poem,
but so far this is how they stand…..)



Pretty little hummingbirds brighten your day,
With colors extraordinarily vibrant and gay.
They fly so near, what are they trying to say?
Before feeding and then quickly darting away.
~Lyne’s Creations


Hummingbirds hover like tiny helicopters,
Darting through air on bright shiny feathers,
They are a joy and wonder to watch daily,
I am glad they can brighten your life lately!
~Lyne’s Creations                              


Hummingbirds like little "whirly birds",
Flying up and down and even backwards,
Delighting us with their acrobatic capers,
These bejeweled little helicopter imitators!
~Lyne’s Creations                        


Hummingbirds are an incredibly dazzling sight,
With colorful iridescent plumage strikingly bright,
Looking like someone tossed jewels into the sky,
They leave me with a smile and a delighted sigh.

~Lyne’s Creations                                    


(Poems I wrote to a very dear friend when life took a sudden turn)

I Love You, My Friend 

I love you my friend, you have so much to bare.
I hate how much life heaps on you, it's just not fair,
So I need to express again, how very much I care!
Know I am sending all the white light I can share!

Keep taking each moment one at a time as you do,
Knowing people will support you and your Mom too.
Sweet friend, your quiet inner strength often inspires,
It is just one of the things about you that I so admire.

You and your Mom are in my thoughts night and day,
I'm hurting for you both, but fear wont hold any sway,
Call me ANYTIME, to express feelings you need to,
Life WILL settle down again, this too you will get through.
Love, Lyne

(this one is a little rough, not polished, it was a hard time)

Peace, My Friend 

Your  Mom may be surprised,
By her sudden bodily demise,
But there's no doubt she will find,
She now has a clear thinking mind,

She will find herself suddenly healthy,
With restored vitality and feeling free,
Thus your allowed to find peace inside,
As you continue living here on this side,

Her worries for you, you can help dispel,
Tell her she did her best for you, as well
Say you love her and that you are doing ok,
Thank her for helping to prepare for this day

While telling her it's okay to go on with her journey,
It's important to know you handled every difficulty,
With such stoicism, even if only on the outside,
You have the right to feel a great sense of pride.

You are the most courageous person I know,
Even if you are shy of letting your feelings show,
I have learned much from you, you do inspire me,
Simply by existing you display things I want to be.


My Journey


I've come far, haven't I changed at all?
My demons still rise up and then I fall,
But I want to win, chase my fears away,
So I can return to peace and it will stay.

Little Lyne you have been so put down,
Shamed as a child, you learned to frown,
Your Mother's words come filtering down,
Swirling in memories around and around.

She always told you to smile and be good,
Yet you already were, right as you stood,
You grew up sad and so very confused,
Feeling useless in life, unless being used.

Constantly criticized and abandoned too,
Now you yourself make that hell come true,
Stop hurting yourself child, and be at ease,
There's no one left that you have to please.

Just be the sweet creative girl that you are,
Be patient, brave, know you have come far,
Far beyond all the hurtful people in your life,
You don't deserve more punishment and strife.

Some still take advantage of your personality,
And that is their evil, of blame you are free!
Get the truth right back up front in your mind,
You always have been good, so sweet and kind.

You can move on ahead leaving fears behind,
It's more than time to accept peace of mind.
And here's the great truth in it's utter simplicity,
You already are the person that you need to be!

Witnessed by this poem that came pouring out of me!
Which then returned my sense of peace and sanity,
As my body relaxed, I smiled, letting go of all pain,
Realizing HOW to stop automatic fears that drain,

We can stop that "flight/fight" feeling part of our brain,
By returning to the clear thinking "front brain" again!
It takes practice of a constant and continual kind,
But it's an easy formula you can invoke at any time,

For me it is conversing with myself in rhyme!
Thinking things out brings back peace of mind,
Then my unnamed fears vanish in the calm light,
and peace gently washes over me, shining bright!

~Lyne’s Creations                                 



Which Way Will I Go?

As the worst of my intense anger melts away,
I'm left with vague sadness that you didn't stay,
I wonder if it is true, what some people say?
Women hurt this much by men may turn gay?

Or is this just another tormenting phase,
As heartache works it's unwieldy ways,
I actually have no real idea because,
You were my very first and now, last love.

I do recognize, without a single doubt,
You'd be as sweet water in a drought,
So don't you dare come near, I could not bear it,
Because you were the one who gave up and quit.

Of all men I've known you were the worst,
Now of every man I'm extremely adverse,
I swear you will be the last one in my universe,
For I know that these feelings I will never reverse.

Of all of the men I've known in my life; cousins,
Father, son, Grandfather, brother, and husbands,
They in fact, never really cared one whit for my heart,
Yet oddly you opened that new door for me, from the start,

That has brought me to where I'm very seriously,
Considering the comforting love of femininity,
Clearly, men only aspire for one compelling thing,
Getting any sexual gratification their actions bring.

I thought you were different, softer, sweeter to me,
But in the end you said, "I guess I'm just too greedy",
You only wanted 'us' the way you desired it to be,
And you of all people did not want unconventionality!?

You tossed our love away, said let's just be friends.
Then you turned a cold shoulder to my heart in the end,
I never saw it coming, you deceived me so completely,
My shattered heart needs mending, so I struggle on feebly,

To find my way across this barren and unfamiliar land,
Looking only to my own strength, holding my own hand,
I trust no one else to care for me, so I remain an island,
While hoping against hope that I'll become more enlightened.
~Lyne's Creations


(I do tend to chronicle my life..)

Sometimes, It's Too Much

The utter lack of positive-ness and sensitivity,
From men that I'm forced to have help me,
They show no compassion for my reality,
How self involved can they all really be!?

My doctor's excuse for leaving me hours sitting,
Was "I'm back from vacation, just can't get moving",
Total lack of care, when he used to take me right in,
To keep me safe from all other's potential conditions,

I huddled in a corner with anxieties rising,
Knowing I'm really much more deserving,
Of care for my frailties, help with my health,
Yet doctor and driver only care about their wealth,

I'm so angry, yet helpless to change anything yet,
My ex wanted a hug from me as he left, the damn shit!
That night my FM body screamed in pain for the stress,
I could hardly get any sleep, get much needed rest.

I did not deserve such complete disregard,
That made my doctor visit trip so very hard,
I almost burst into tears, yet forced not to weep.
When I was done and climbed back into my jeep,

I swear I will find someone to help me who is caring,
Someone positive and kind with whom I'll be sharing,
More of me and my joy in the good things about living,
It'll be a younger woman of like mind who's kindly giving.

I did not deserve so much of yesterday,
so that is why I felt I needed to say,
Sometimes, it is really just too much,
When all I ever wanted was a kind touch.
~Lyne's Creations


(then next day I got a call from my doctor,
about a "normal for me" anomaly in my blood test,
and he started going on about a different kind of IBS,
that I had already fully researched...he wanted me to
go get all those gastro tests I've had too many times in
my life- and are utter agony...HE had the nerve to tell me
"just a little discomfort is worth it"... THAT is like telling
a pregnant woman giving birth is just a little discomfort!
Men! Bleh!)

Freeing Myself From Evil

My doctor is evil, he threatened me!
From all these fears, will I never be free?
I stood up to him, said "I am not dying",
But for new tests he never stops trying,

It's a plague in my life, my worst fear,
That by myself, I must find a way clear,
It started as a child, when I was told I'd die,
Then they said, woops that was all just a lie,

But they didn't ever really get through to me,
At seven years old, never helped me to see,
That I'd be okay and would live a long time,
So now I still have trouble feeling I'll be fine.

As life went on, I caught every illness around,
My poor body already was on it's way down,
With FM, IBS, and later menopause never ending,
Making life hell for me in simple every day living.

Now with sophisticated tests they find problems galore,
Things that really are nothing, but scare me to the core,
It's all up to me, to grow strong in the face of it,
To say NO, I'm just fine doctor, your full of shit!

If I didn't need medication to deal with FM and IBS,
I would quit going to doctors, and make my life bliss,
But I'm forced to manage doctors for my benefit,
Take what I need and really ignore all the rest of it.

For me, having been sick all my life long,
This is the hardest area for me to be strong,
So Higher Self, give me courage and wisdom,
Help me to achieve more emotional freedom!

It's not an easy thing for me, so I need practice,
Living in the moment, always seeking happiness,
Knowing I am just fine in this one moment in time,
Then slowly I can change my perspective, my mind.
~Lyne's Creations


Discovering Me

(art here)

For those of you kind enough to worry for me,
Taking time to try to help, telling me how to be,
Please know I'm traveling upon my own journey,
Of individual self realization as well as discovery.

I've overcome adversity since I was small,
Amazingly I've flourished in spite of it all,
I'm bright and witty, with the ability to love,
In spite of crap authorities tried to shove,

On my tiny shoulders, yet I held my own,
Still I have worked very hard and grown,
Grown in ways even to me unexpected,
In spite of my nature being so rejected.

Everyone has their own individual problems,
We can fall to old reactions, easily succumb,
It's very hard work to create a brand new rhythm,
Then practice new ways so our life can blossom.

Most know for every low in life, there is a high,
With every bright smile, there is also a sigh,
Without life's struggles we wouldn't ask why,
We would never look within to begin to identify,

Our own individual path and our own goals,
For the enlightenment of our very own soul.
Everyone must find their own individual way,
Ascertain what turns their dark night into day.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it,
All anyone needs is gentle encouragement,
As well as acceptance and acknowledgement,
So we can celebrate our own accomplishments.
~Lyne's Creations


I Am My Own Creation

Lost and adrift I've made harmful choices,
Unable to discern love in any of the voices,
So I'd continue clinging desperately long,
In relationships, that for me, were all wrong.

With all my insecurities, I'd always looked to others,
First my Mother, then Father and even my brother,
But as each one constantly abandoned or criticized,
I became another statistic, co-dependently categorized.

Until late in life, when I fell in love for the first time,
Everything was a wonder, things started to rhyme,
Yet if we'd been smarter, we would have known,
We'd never survive this, both being better alone.

Still out of the ashes of that sad broken love affair,
I've started to be the person that I had never dared.
I'm building my sense of self, I am my own creation,
Slowly learning to anchor to my very own foundation.

It's a long journey, this life in which I've chosen to change,
I can't see too far ahead, but I sense my unlimited range,
The trick is to live in the present, realizing spatial time,
And Believe the world is my oyster, any possibility is mine!
~Lyne's Creations                                     


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