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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


The Game of Life

Sometimes I'd really like to just quit and run,
But that would leave important things undone,
Still those important things are of my mind,
While care of my ill health takes all my time.

Thus I work hard to focus only in the moment,
Labor to keep errant negative voices silent,
Creating a new way to live in this existence,
But damn it takes quite a lot of persistence,

So that fears of the future stay far away,
And sadness of the past holds no sway,
Most of the time I can do all this okay,
Except in startling moments like today,

When by chance, I beheld a shelf top,
I saw a stored away little blue tea pot,
Warm memories came flooding back,
Reminding me of what I now lack.

It is not that I miss the man that loved me,
It's more I miss being loved as I should be.
In fact I actually can not comprehend,
How I could have loved that one man,

Thus I guess that is why it is so often said,
Love Is Blind...even deaf, dumb and dead?
Sorry, that is anger still coming through,
Sometimes these feelings I can't subdue.

So it is back to living in the current moment,
Striving, aspiring to be even more consistent,
Staying with reality is the way to stay present,
This way, life is immeasurably more pleasant!
~Lyne's Creations                                          


It Was His Roll In a Play,
but I Won at the end of the Day!

I believed his loving words, I believed that he cared,
I trusted him more than I had ever before dared,
Then it became clear he was only acting in his play,
And when that play was over at the end of the day,

He shed the roll easily and put his feelings away,
Moving on to the next soul he'd hold in his sway,
She should know it's his bad habit never to stay,
And it's a sick fact that he thinks living thus is OK!

It's odd that he has no clue, even at his age,
That he is only an actor on his own stage,
Now as I experience the man he is today,
All of the love we had is slowly eroding away.

He is now displaying the falseness of his part,
Causing memories of us to crumble in my heart,
He insists on persisting just on my periphery,
So it's like my past is continually haunting me,

I wish he would just go away, let me be free,
Instead of forcing me to adjust to his reality,
Can't he understand his actions are a cruelty?
But then I guess he never really cared for me.

I did gain gold within, in spite of it ending badly,
I became more than I ever thought I would be,
I've more acceptance of myself and all my abilities,
I'm learning I can actually be happy, even carefree.

I am so very deep, in my thoughts and my capacity,
I acknowledge my courage, my right to feel life fully,
Which consequently fuels my talents so creatively,
I'm proud I discovered all of me, deep down inside,

So many things I must retain from that crazy wild ride,
Must hang on tight to my truths in spite of how he lied,
Consequently in spite of the fact that relationship died,
I have grown and gained, that's the meaningful upside!
~Lyne's Creations                                                   

(a condensed song like version of the above)
-art here-

My Heart Cries

My heart cries,
As love within dies,
My heart cries,
Asking was it all lies?

Was his love only a guise?
Now he spies, yet denies,
Does not realize I'm wise,
My anger intensifies.

My heart's sixth sense,
Always knows his presence,
He's selfish at my expense,
Is he really that callous?

My commitment was deep,
Now awful pain I do reap,
How can I cut that old bond,
so my heart doesn't respond,

Still my heart cries asking why,
Troubled dreams intensify,
Love's memories shrivel and die,
Leaving only a long painful sigh.
~Lyne's Creations                        


I think I'm Special

In spite of all my many insecurities inside,
I've always a very subtle tiny bit of pride,
Feeling men could've benefited knowing me,
As I gave my heart so willingly completely,

But somehow they seemed to all be blind,
To the love I offered, so they left me behind,
Consequently I live my life solely for myself,
Keeping my heart safe, tucked up on a shelf.

In spite of how I love to share my pleasures,
It is lonely being unable to share life's treasures,
Of spiritual insights and delightful creativity,
Because I can't let anyone get too close to me.

I am tired, wary of being that vulnerable again,
And I am much more likely to condemn all men,
Thus I am at the point where I have the opinion,
That the world should be ruled solely by women.
~Lyne's Creations                             


Living In The Moment 

I am here, in the moment, just today,
Since yesterday's well and gone away,
And why worry about tomorrow anyway,
When it's not in the here and now, today?

Focus, focus in the moment now,
It really is just all we have anyhow!
If it is okay in this second of time,
Then simple peace of mind is mine!

I'm an amazing winner, I've survived,
Unbelievable moments in many lives,
So I will stay here just a little bit longer,
And in every single moment, I will linger...

Creating pictures with paint and words,
Hoping my story inspires as it's heard,
Meeting with others in this point in time,
Practicing present living, seeking to refine,

Learning to live with a real peace of mind!
~Lyne's Creations                             


Trying to Change, Grow
(in spite of stresses piling on)

My fears seem to be catching up with me,
As life heaps on too many responsibilities,
My asthma is increasing in it's frequency,
As are all my health problem's symptomatology,

I need to remember it's those unnamed fears,
That then could bring on unnecessary tears,
It's only my old habits of defensive reactions,
That I no longer need, they are just distractions.

This is that nasty little part that's bullying me inside,
Trying to encourage me again to run and hide,
To escape from all of these difficult, grown up tasks,
Upon which I had seen my mother wage her attacks.

It was my parent's incorrect reactions to this harsh life,
That embedded me with faulty ways of dealing with strife.
They were wrong, and the now grown up, capable me,
CAN deal with life, this my Higher Self does guarantee.

Since I'm learning that life is just a series of challenges,
My Higher Self is helping me build positive new bridges,
As I experience how well I accomplish each new thing,
I Gain confidence, and the pride each step does bring!

Your doing well, Lyne, using all your magical skills,
Meeting each challenge by a sheer force of wills!
Working to eradicate each damaging old habit,
Even using therapeutic skill as an expressive poet!
~Lyne's Creations                                      



(art here)

Solitude closes in down and around,
Too quiet without any human sound,
Dreams of being lost still in my face
Feelings I need to find ways to erase,

I could so easily spiral way down,
Therefore I look to things I've found,
To help return me to a better place,
To find peace and sense of grace.

Listen to music, change my mood,
Take steps to change my attitude,
Seeking all ways to feel renewed,
To alleviate the pervasive solitude!
~ Lyne's Creations                             


Waking from a Dream
(sometimes I do have good dreams!)

Have you ever awakened from a dream,
Clinging to the sensual sweet feeling,
Only to have it evaporate like soft steam,
Leaving you longing for a life so serene...

The contrast with reality is so extreme,
Dreaming is almost a torture too mean,
You can find yourself wanting to scream,
I need to sleep, get back into my dream!
~Lyne's Creations                               



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