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Copyright Lyne's Creations March/June 2013, All Rights Reserved
You may NOT take copies of these poems for any reason.

Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

 I have always said I am an "open book" so
for better or worse, these came out of my very personal
intense feelings in my life's journey. I give them to you
out of my utter honesty, and the reality that this too is
a normal part of living life fully!


The Death of Passion

I tried once again in a private moment alone,
to allow sexual feelings, and I started to moan,
But as my body responded, tears rolled down my face,
My heart started screaming, calling out for his embrace.

Just like hearing notes in a sweet familiar old song,
Memories of his loving came rushing back strong,
Coupled with that climax my heart shatters anew,
For me, it's simply impossible to separate the two.

He was the one that brought passion to love,
and we carried it higher than heaven above.
So now I sit here once more teary-eyed and mourning,
I simply can't escape, feeling passion is heart shattering!

Months later, in a much better frame of mind,
I found a new freedom of a pleasurable kind,
Finding a peace within by depending only on me.

It's a delicate gentle loving based only on reality!
~ Lyne's Creations                           


A Home In My Heart

Despite the great distance we lived apart,
I honestly felt I had a home in your heart.
It baffles me how you could cease to care,
The love we had was so unusual and rare.

When you let go of our love and went away,
It was, for me, as though you died that day.
No matter who I encounter in this world of ours,
They'll never measure up to how special you are.

Thus I'm in constant conflict within my own heart,
Trying to persuade myself that you're not a part
of that certain future that we were both foretold,
With words so stunning because they were twofold!

I still believe we could live independently alone,
Yet have the greatest love we have ever known.
So if your search for answers finds you still alone,
You can always return to my heart and find a home.

Still, if I am really not enough for you,
I give you my love, sadly bid you adieu...

I now know that you did find someone new,
While I'm learning life lessons long over due,
So I am focused on me, as my soul I renew,
Yet I still have a quiet sweet longing for you,
~ Lyne's Creations                      


Morning Sunshine
(art here)

Leaning upon my window early one spring day,
Watching as the sun is dissolving clouds away,
Soaking up the warmth, letting it ease my aches,
Unconcerned in the moment for the path my day takes.

This leaves the day open to it's best promise,
Perhaps some art for which I have a fondness,
Or some poetry to express the feelings in me,
Because today is warm with possibilities.
~Lyne's Creations                         


Growing Up
(I never stop trying to evolve!)

As a child never congratulated for any accomplishment,
Never given any praise and positive acknowledgement.
Constantly criticized, my actions and ideas found faulty,
I learned to judge myself all through life terribly harshly.

Now silencing that criticism that echoes through time,
I practice replacing those thoughts with love that is mine.
So each time I handle one of life's difficulties really well,
Gentle loving words of appreciative praise, I myself tell.

It is a challenge to avert all the garbage I was fed,
And start practicing acceptance of myself instead.
Slowly I'm learning to manage my negative upbringing,
Creating a happier perspective from loosing to winning!

I can only, indeed must, learn to live from who I myself am,
Separating from other's opinions and control so that I  can,
Begin taking responsibility for my own thoughts and actions,
Standing proud and fearless against other people's reactions.
~Lyne's Creations                                                


Night Moves of a Cat

(a friend told me this TRUE story,
it inspired a poem and eventually
will have art to go with it!)

The night guard of the reserve,
Enjoys being able to observe,
The actions of a sleek black cat,
That's elegant and anything but fat.

Is the cat really unaware,
Of the little mallard pair,
sleeping just over there,
On the small grassy rise,
of this shoreline paradise?

Focused only on the mouse in view,
from it's actions he takes his cue,
He's hoping for much better luck,
Than doing great battle with a duck!
~Lyne's Creations

Health Setback Laments

(this actually occurred nearly a month ago now,
Now I have more of my better health back, thankfully!)

I tried to help my wheezing breath with cortisone,
The results of which sent me into a hellish zone,
Asthma flaring on top of my health problems all,
Just ravages my poor body and I feels like I fall,

Into a pit of horrible discomfort that I can only say,
Is described as my Fibromyalgia "going sideways",
So even if my agony 'only' lasts for a few days,
It still feels like this hellish pit is where I will stay.

My lungs now seem to be over sensitive to meds,
Breathing is often hard, I'm forced back to my bed,
If I type just a little too much, or do "too much" art,
It feels that I am always end up back where I start.

My muscles scream out at such odd ways I must lay,
I rebel against the prison in which I'm forced to stay,
Trying in vain remember days of "easy breath" times, 
Trying to keep faith that once again relief will be mine.

Forced to lay quietly in one position just to get air,
I spend all day with TV, trying hard not to despair,
This latest setback has been two weeks too long,
Thus I'm utterly worn out, my heart is without song.

Then I realized that I need anger of the right kind,
To help fight me back from within my own mind,
Say NO to my ill health, fight hard to take life back,
Seeking strength from above for that which I lack.

I must be stronger, much more courageous,
As my emotional demons try to cause chaos,
My battle this life is to literally live without fear,
A difficult thing with no mortal to hold me dear,

I only have myself from which to seek solace,
For healing love and much needed calmness,
As I search deep within I discover a new reality,
The spark of divine power is actually inside me.

~Lyne's Creations


Champions Needed

(there are devastating abuses always going
on in our various institutions and in homes
 that are criminal! I hope to do an art piece
to go with this poem)

Women are worth their weight in gold,
A fact men should not have to be told,
When men exploit their womankind,
It's with wickedness they are aligned.

This cruelty shows without one doubt,
What savagery these men are all about,
With patriarchal societies everywhere,
Brutalized women don't have a prayer.

However these abusive men should beware,
Of an advocate rising up out of this despair,
One with the fearlessness to finally care.
Who will act to alleviate the inhumanity there?
~Lyne's Creations                                 


Searching for the Source of Life

(Art piece to go with this poem)

Reaching toward the brilliance of heaven,
Pursuing knowledge from the connection,
Seeking a way we can rise to higher levels,
Wishing protection that is strong yet gentle.


Created in their image we instinctively yearn,
To find ancient secrets we can barely discern.
Yet trapped in the religions they long ago formed,
Limited by these beliefs; we're constantly reborn.

With knowledge of ancient lives that constantly beckons,
We're meant to rediscover our origins in the heavens,
Via secrets within our DNA; which we need to re-learn,
To reach the stars where we feel compelled to return.

Living on this earth takes a great amount of strength,
To pull oneself up out of the dark, to go the whole length,
Rising up, conquering our fears, reaching for greatness,
Individually and then as a group; we will achieve success.
~Lyne's Creations                                                     


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