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Copyright Lyne's Creations March 2013, All Rights Reserved
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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


The Power of Life

So many find themselves in a self-induced hell,
It's no one else's fault that into difficulties we fell,
We give ourselves opportunities to grow, to excel,
It is our task alone to climb up from that deep well.

We must not blame others for the places that we land,
Our soul knows our lessons, it is all perfectly planned,
We have many opportunities to learn and to expand,
Still it's our own decision to move forward or just stand.

I feel it is never too late to take the bull by the horns,
and learn those lessons instead of just sitting forlorn.
We are given small blessings if we're willing to receive,
and recognize them among the large thorns we perceive,
We aren't given more than we can handle, this I believe!

I have my own tough battles so I know of which I speak,
It's work to learn to manage those faults I seem to keep.
At times I wish I was someone else, better able to cope,
My battles can be exhausting, it gets so hard to hope.

But this is when I strive to reach higher than my soul,
To that Loving Power that can help me reach my goal.
I know I have access to an unfathomable amount of love,
We can all connect to The Power, the hopeful dove.

I've been through a horrible time, I truly wanted to die,
But I've come out the other side, I see bits of blue sky,
Because I sought help from The Power above my own,
Asking for help from the source of which all life is sown.

Then suddenly at the strangest moment in time,
I noticed I was feeling love for me, it was mine.
As I move through my day taking care of me,
I'm beginning to know I'm the person I wish to be.

I'm right where I want to be in this time and space,
I'm beginning to feel at home, to feel I've my place,
Where I'm willing to open my heart to a Higher Bliss,
For a love so pure, it is far better than a lover's kiss.

But only able to experience this exquisite perception,
Just two wondrous times before I lost the connection,
So utterly ephemeral was this sweet delicate reflection,
Of the Highest Power, the Original Source of all creation.

Now I only feel able to plead for my Soul's assistance,
In reaching across what seems an expanding distance,
Again ever seeking the strength of that supportive love
From a Power greater than mine, via the angels above.
~Lyne's Creations                                        


Inner Beauty; A Reflection of Me

Continually looking to others for my own identity,
Relating as a daughter, a wife, or a Mother only,
Utterly lost when these roles fell away from me,
Never able to find my own sense of serenity,

I was living my life so completely codepenedently,
Until now unable to see that I'm my art, my art is me,
And realize my gift of singing my heart through poetry,
I can see that my purpose in life truly is my creativity.

My very existence is healing, as I'm becoming more free,
Aspiring to share my beauty from within, with all of humanity.
~Lyne's Creations                                 


Cleaning Out E Mails

I just sat here cleaning out the last year of my life,
Sorting through many e mails full of pain and strife.
And yet it feels good to let go of terrible past pains,
Freeing up my heart, looking toward what I've gained.

To focus on what I have attained feels fresh and clean,
Re-starting life, moving toward happinesses I've seen.
So even though life will always be a challenge for me,
I can seek to make it much brighter and full of creativity!
~Lyne's Creations                                                     


A Dragon's Heart    
(art here)

Born of the dragon, with a fiercely loyal heart,
She stands as Companion from the very start,
Ready to defend with the strength of her love,
Together they can soar to great heights above.

In the depth of her soul burns an eternal flame,
Few men have the armor with which to sustain,
A meeting with the intensity of it's red hot heat,
Rendering true love nearly impossible to meet.

Thus unreturned love stays locked in a tough shell,
To be released only by another who loves as well.
(While in reality fully loving is hindered by ill health,
As a result few if any can experience her wealth.)
~Lyne's Creations                                      


Feeling So Low
(art here)

Higher Self why should I stay any more?
Why not allow myself to go out that door?
To be free to arrive on a healthy shore,
Without a sick body to deal with anymore.

I hope everyone knows how hard I tried,
And they will understand why I have died,
To leave behind this horrible sickly life,
To be free from all my continual strife,

Please let me be free, let me fly away,
There really isn't any reason to stay,
It feels good to give myself permission to leave,
No longer all those others in this life to please.

My life is my own to use or give away,
It's my own decision to leave or to stay,
Leaving would be such an incredible relief,
Don't worry for me or feel any heavy grief,

I'm done with this hellish life that I have lived,
Now it's peace that I wish for myself to give.
~Lyne's Creations                                  


Missing Love

(art here)

Listening to music, I sit alone here,
My heart remembers and is clear,
Wishing to return to what was dear,
Those happy days of love so pure.

Yes I can be with my own muse,
What my heart seems to refuse,
is the belief that my love is gone,
How can I live without his song?

Yes I can even be happy in a way,
Yet what still makes my heart say,
I do still long for that brighter day,
When life was happy like a holiday?

His feelings left, mine remain still,
Longing for that special sweet thrill,
His presence could always instill,
Now my heart holds a slight chill,

That I must live as well as I am able,
Knowing his heart was not as stable,
Of adaptability he was simply unable,
Perhaps he felt our love was a fable.

Not the stunning "once in a lifetime" treasure,
That truly filled my heart to the fullest measure.
Nothing again will give me that kind of pleasure.
A love that shone so bright, now gone forever.

....and all of this came to the surface when,
I allowed some delightful music back in,
As I sat and worked with art once again,
My heart expresses my loss through my pen...
~Lyne's Creations                                   


Having depression and health problems can really take it's toll...however as you read this,
keep in mind that  in those dark hours as I sat upright in bed that middle of the night....
a thought intruded: But I can't "leave" now, I have not gotten the History Channel's Season 4
of Ancient Aliens on DVD yet, and I really HAVE to watch it... I noted that ironic thought...
and here I am still trudging doggedly through my life... In spite of labored breathing I forced
my way through creating this art to express...I know I am not alone, and
others struggle as much as I do. This is for us all!


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